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A new kitty will be drawn for this Loto draw on Monday September 19, 2022 today. In fact, after an extraordinary night that created 4 millionaires last Saturday night, the stake this Monday will start again from “0” by offering a jackpot of 2 million euros. You can play your grid until 8.15pm then, from 8.50pm, follow tonight’s full Loto results.

Update 09/19/22 at 8:54 pm: same, 10 winners won €20,000 in today’s draw

The new Loto kitty of 2 million euros cannot find a buyer today. Brought to the game fresh from the sun, the Loto jackpot failed to produce a new winner. The 2 million euros initially placed in the game will be a profit of 3 million euros next Wednesday. Do not forget to check your winnings and your grids because even if you are not a millionaire, you can still win many tens of thousands of euros.

With more than 1 million winning grids in the draw on Saturday September 17, 2022, participation in the final Loto du Patrimoine draw is very strong! Obviously, the winning combination consisting only of numbers less than or equal to 20 makes it possible to create many winners with particular 4 big winners in rank n ° 1, a record for this year 2022. each of the lucky ones left richer than 3 , 5 million euros, pocketing the jackpot of the Super Loto du Patrimoine which has been changed upwards.

Now, how to join it new Loto draw for Monday, September 19 ? To do this, don’t wait a minute and discover the different gaming possibilities available to you.

Play Loto grid on Monday, September 19, 2022 and win up to 2 million euros

To participate in the Loto draw today, you must mark at least one grid (or several) as usual, either online at or directly from a tobacconist. This Monday, September 19, 2022, here are the different steps to follow, may luck be with you today!

[highlight »]How is your Loto grid playing today?

✅ Open a player account on in a few minutes. You can play in seconds once your account is verified!

✅ Check 5 numbers + 1 Chance number to form a Loto combination. If the odds of winning the jackpot are low, it is available from the moment you complete at least one grid. You can add the 2nd draw option to your game grid.

✅ Validate your game before 8:15 pm This deadline for playing Loto in France is the same whether you are an online player at or a player at a point of sale. [/highlight]

Wednesday September 21, 2022 €3,000,000 DAY time min tremor To play

Loto FDJ draw results on Monday, September 19 from 8:50 pm.

The winning Lotto numbers for Monday, September 19 will be posted online free from 8:50 pm on From our website, follow the two winning combinations for the main draw and its 2 million euros, but also for the 2nd draw and its stake of €100,000.

To complete, the Loto draw will see the raffle codes and the winnings report posted online, all 100% free.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

What is the Loto jackpot amount on Monday, September 19, 2022?

After the Loto draw won last Saturday 14 million euros (4 winners ranked n°1), the value of the Loto pot will reach 2 million euros this Monday night for a new throw-in.

How can we play a Loto grid online?

To play Loto grid online, you first need to open an account (free). Once validated, you can play Loto now at a rate of €2.20 per grid played. ▶ Play Loto grid online here

What time will the Loto result be available today?

The results are always presented after the TF1 newscast between 8:45 pm and 8:55 pm If the draw takes place at 8:20 pm, the public announcement of the results will only be made public after 30 minutes. These results are available free of charge and in full on

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