“Where is French football going?”

Between business (Pogba, FFF…), controversy (Mbappé, Neymar…) and the plan-plan championship, Daniel Riolo, a figure of After Foot, makes an uncompromising Check out the start of the season for French soccer.

PSG lead, PSG on the way to the title, nothing new in L1. It’s like playing poker and starting every hand with AA. Inevitably, the result is often the same. After eight days, we were informed of a revolution. Galtier to Che Guevara and Luis Campos to Fidel Castro, PSG had to change from floor to ceiling. For now, we have a Claude François holding back, “I will rise and I will come to you”… as usual.

The game is based on the goodwill of the stars and currently, they want to move in the right direction. Neymar, angry, improved the pride of the shoulder. Messi is working, but in L1 that is enough. Only Mbappé was angry. He stayed with the project, except it wasn’t what he was told in the spring. It seems that there is no question of the departure of Neymar, but Campos … talking about a duplicate in the same position! It’s crazy how little noise this last declaration made. No, the big thing is Galtier’s 3-43! Oh invention! This is Leonardo da Vinci at the Camp des Loges. So we should rejoice because all is well. We have recently changed to GO and for teaching, however, we will come back later. As usual.

“From Tuesday to Thursday, we’re back in the doldrums”

Behind, four teams are running more than two points per game. Despite the draw against Rennes, OM made an excellent start to the season. New coach, new players, the puzzle is in place and the leading historical direct competitors are comfortable. We can be choosy and wonder if it will last, if it will last… But what’s the point? We did that for a time last year. It is true that by starting the project from scratch every summer, it will never bring certainty. However, our L1 offers nothing. To no one.

Rennes celebrated last season, and passed the baton to Lorient. Lyon, Monaco, disappointed and disappointed their supporters. The only team that is improving and seems to be part of a sustainable process is Lens. We want to see them in the European Cup now. It’s just the naive belief that it will change something in our sad middle weeks. Year after year, we sink into the most complete worthlessness at the continental level. We always thought we could get away with it, especially since we never get bored watching L1, but no! From Tuesday to Thursday, we’re back to mediocrity.

“Soon there will be no words to describe what direction FFF is headed”

The average, FFF is always the same every day. In fact, it is worse. Soon there will be no words to describe what direction this Federation is headed. While waiting for Deschamps to make his list for the World Cup between injured players and players retained with their lawyers, so we know that Mbappé refuses to participate in commercial operations in FFF. It is not for lack of warning that there is a problem. It was four years ago that the player’s family indicated that they wanted to review the image rights agreement. At this point, I don’t care who is right or wrong, what is the boss doing? Or the boss? Le Graët and Hardouin let the file rot, which blew up in their face today.

The other, more scandalous file they did not deal with was the one about Hamraoui. For months, this player was dragged through the mud. He is the bad guy and Diallo is the good guy. Now, the investigation shows the opposite and Diallo is in prison. But the scandal is that from a source close to the case, the FFF knew before the summer that the story was not what was told for many months! Why are the leaders saying nothing? Because there is a Women’s Euro and because players like Diani and Katoto are open supporters of Diallo. This is a huge scandal and a shame if you know what Hamraoui went through! In addition to FFF, it should also be noted that PSG washed their hands of this event.

In two months, there will be the World Cup in Qatar, and there again, so as not to offend anyone, let’s keep the Le Graët-Hardouin duo in place? Our football really wants to fall lower?

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