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How to get more gold quickly in World of Warcraft? This has been a recurring question for over 15 years. The last days, Alejandro8092 talked about his experience and his desire to pay his subscription by farming enough items and gold to pay for his WoW subscription.

However, he was disappointed with the initial results and turned to the community for advice. Are the bots preventing him from selling his materials at the auction house? Should he focus on farming specific items or are there miraculous ways to recover gold?

Here are his words, along with some interesting responses from the community. I think this will interest more than one of you!

I recently started playing and found out that you can buy WoW Tokens with gold. I started looking on YouTube for more ways to get gold, even installing the Worthit addon and started farming old ingredients. More specifically, I cultivate the primordial air and the spirits of harmony. It was very successful the first few times, but it became a nightmare to sell with all these HA bots undercutting everything and lowering prices.

I’m so afraid that I won’t reach 300k gold by the end of the month because I have more than 150k gold in items but I can’t sell, I’m still under-rating…

I also found out that raw gold is no longer an option because everything is nerfed so much that 2k per hour is crazy for 300k…

The WorthIt addon says I can make 9k gold/h but I got there and got almost 100g, literally.

At this point I don’t know what else to do, I don’t want to rely on AH because I hate the people there, but there is no other choice, raw gold is dead in my opinion. I tried Heart of Fear LFR and got about 1.5k per hour + harmony spirits, but I can’t sell and I have over 150 spirits that are still underpriced.

Do you have any suggestions for reaching 300k or half ways to get gold?

For Blizzblizz11:

It takes a little time to understand the economy of WoW. But the most important thing is that you need to understand that you will get burned if you think that everything will happen the way that YouTube videos tell you.

You have to take advantage of the journey to make gold.

Let me answer your questions:

  1. Many items are sold throughout the region. So people with bots will take advantage of that. Spirits will eventually sell out but be patient.
  2. Calling every day with lots of alts is good. You will improve every day and you will spend less time.
  3. The bigger the kingdom, the bigger the competition. Check out some of the smaller kingdoms to sell craft items that aren’t sold throughout the region.

For Sazapahiel:

First of all, and I can’t say this enough, content creators don’t do it to help you. They make money from clicks and views, and you’re clearly misled by old, if not downright bad, advice.

Next, stop thinking about all the robots you don’t want. You will be amazed at how much time and energy people spend for so little gold in this game, and your competition is more than likely a lot of people doing the same thing as you at the same time as you. . You can talk all you want about hating people, but you’re doing yourself a disservice by getting mad at people who, in a video game, are doing the same thing you are.

The best raw gold method right now is top level alts to make calls with ZM gear (whether it’s 229 greens, 226 BoAs, or whatever) and mission tables. You can easily pay for your subscription to it in North America, I don’t claim to know anything about token prices in Europe.

If you must farm, farm something people want. I’m not sure that’s the case, but I’m not sure that’s the case, and I’m not sure that’s the case. Honestly, I have no idea why people keep farming obscure items from previous expansions. The exception is if you make these items into something that people in your kingdom want to buy, like a Sky Golem, etc.

As you have discovered, selling price is as important as selling price, and collecting materials with high prices but low selling prices is not going to make anyone rich.

For GirlGoblin1:

I agree with the person who talked about diversification. You talk about two methods of making gold, spirits of harmony and raw gold in dungeons.

There are many other methods/things – and you need to figure out what works for you, your attention span, and your server. You mentioned bots – there are plenty of legitimate people posting regularly all day long and they are not bots. Don’t make it part of your equation. With a region-wide auction house, you’ll almost certainly get a discount on every product though. It has nothing to do with bots. Post your items at whatever price you think is fair/want for them and then forget about it.

If you’re short on ideas and relying on YouTube videos, my advice is to make sure they’re old but still relevant. The problem with these videos is that you are not the only person looking to earn gold, and if you do the same to everyone else, you will not make any money.

Guaranteed gold? There is almost nothing for players who are new to gold, except Covenant Missions and Daily Calls. It is quick gold in a short time.

Speaking of time, take the time to find out what you enjoy doing. You are more likely to stick with it. Consistency is the key. Spend some time on the Oribos trade channel and see what is posted on your server, at what prices. See if there is a niche you can fit into. Don’t like crafts? So don’t. Prefer to spend your time in dungeons and raids? So check what transmog your server is missing, and see if you can turn the RNG in your favor. Personally, I give each activity about an hour and then move on to a new activity. Not because I have to, but because it’s the way I play and that’s how I keep my cool. If you want to gather / mine / skin for more than 30 hours to get your gold, find the balance between supply and demand and enjoy it. You don’t have to be the cheapest, you just have to find a need for what you’re trying to sell.

That takes time. There is no way to get instant gold unless you buy tokens from the Blizzard Shop. The leprechauns who give advice have been doing this for a long time, learning the market, collecting data and all. Give yourself patience and the right to make mistakes. You are new, and we were all new before. Expecting a new player who has never farmed gold to suddenly buy a token in their first month with no investment or knowledge of how to make gold is expecting a lot. It’s not impossible, but it’s a lot.

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