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In 2022, Dacia changed its brand identity. Concretely, it includes the introduction of a new emblem, called Dacia Link, a new logo but also new colors for the bodywork. Like all its congeners, the Dacia Jogger therefore benefits from a restyling, although the family station wagon begins its career in 2021.

As shown in these images obtained by Autonews, the Jogger changes with this new grille with the Dacia Link logo and white patterns that are a continuation of the design of the headlights. Consisting of a minimalist D and C, the brand’s new logo is also in the center of the rims. On the back, intricate lettering recalls the manufacturer and model names.

A new color for the Jogger body

Credit Photo – Autonews

It should also be noted the appearance of a new body color – called Lichen Kaki – whose green colors are intended to recall moss and soil. The roof bars are painted in Methalite Gray and are emblazoned with the car’s name. So much for the aesthetic improvements applied to this Dacia Jogger.

Still offered on petrol and LPG

Credit Photo – Autonews

This minor style refresh is not accompanied by improvements to the various engines. The five- or seven-seat family station wagon is offered with a 100-hp 1.0 Eco-G three-cylinder petrol-LPG engine, as well as a 110-hp 1.0 TCe three-cylinder petrol unit. The range consists of the Essential and Expression finishes, but also the special Extreme and Extreme + series. In terms of equipment, the Jogger for example is equipped with automatic LED dipped beam headlights, the Media Control infotainment system, sliding shelves, parking assistance, reversing camera, blind spot warning, active emergency braking, hill start assistance or even cruise control. .

What is the load capacity for the Dacia Jogger trunk?

Photo credit – Dacia

The loading volume of the trunk of this Dacia Jogger is set at 708 liters in the five-seater version, or even fully 1,819 liters when the back seat is folded. In the seven-seat version, this trunk must be nibbled. Its cargo volume is 595 liters when the third row of seats are folded. If it is in place, the volume will be less than 160 liters. Fortunately, roof bars allow you to take advantage of additional storage space.

A new sleeping kit will arrive in 2023

Photo credit – Dacia

The Dacia Jogger will continue to evolve throughout its career. In 2023, the family break should inherit a sleeping kit, a type of wooden box with a capacity of 220 liters that weighs less than 50 kilos. Its frame extends forward, and by adding two wooden crosspieces, you can place a box spring and foam to make a double bed. Once this sleeping kit is installed, there will be 60 centimeters between it and the car’s roof lining. The box can also contain accessories, such as a tent stored in a suitable bag.

The appeal price of the five-seater Dacia Jogger is set at €16,790 at the time of writing these lines. This model is also available through a long-term lease offer (LLD) from €166 per month for 49 months or 50,000 kilometers, with the 100 horsepower Eco-G engine and the Essential finish . And this without the first rent increase.

5 questions about the Dacia Jogger

Photo credit – Dacia

Which model to choose between the 5-seater version and the 7-seater version?

Dacia thinks of large families, and offers its Jogger in five and seven seater versions. Inevitably, the addition of two additional spaces increases the price of the family station wagon. On the other hand, it also reduces the number of its trunk. Herein lies the main difference between the two models. The five-seater Jogger has a 708-litre trunk, or even 1,819 liters when the rear seats are folded down. In the seven-seat version, the boot volume is limited to 595 liters if and when the third row of seats is folded. Otherwise, the trunk is limited to 160 liters, less than a small city car. Fortunately, the Dacia Jogger can be fitted with roof bars that allow you to install a roof box in particular. Note that in 2023, the Jogger will be equipped with a sleeping kit that allows the installation of a double bed on board its cabin. Easy for camping!

What are the differences in the 2022 version of the Dacia Jogger?

Like the entire Dacia range, the Jogger inherited a small restyling in 2022 to match the change in the manufacturer’s brand identity. Concretely, this includes the addition of the new Dacia Link logo on the grille, and the introduction of the new minimalist lettering on the back. The Jogger also benefits from a new body color, called Lichen Kaki. And its roof bars are painted in Methalite Grey.

Should you buy the Dacia Jogger?

In 2021, Autonews was able to drive the Dacia Jogger for a full week. With the bi-fuel gasoline-LPG version of the seven-seat family station wagon we were able to form our own opinion. We generally appreciate the finish, despite some minor flaws. The gear change is very noisy. But we found the Jogger comfortable, thanks to its good cushioning and high ground clearance. The 100 horsepower 1.0 Eco-G three-cylinder engine is quite greedy, with a consumption of just over 10 l/100 km on the combined LPG cycle. In gasoline, count instead 8 l / 100 km. By stabilizing its speed between 80 and 110 km / h depending on the road, however we can lower about 7 l / 100 km. The space on board is mostly satisfactory, as long as you are not vacationing with seven people, carrying one suitcase per person.

What is the price of a family station wagon?

The restyled version of Dacia’s family station wagon is sold from €16,790 in 2022, with the 100 horsepower 1.0 Eco-G petrol-LPG engine and the entry-level Essential finish. In the seven-seat version, prices for this same model start from €18,200. In general, the Jogger is a cheap car: the most expensive model is the special Extreme + series, which is related to the 1.0 Tce petrol engine of 110 horsepower. In this five-seater version, the Jogger is sold from €20,800

What rental offer?

Like all manufacturers, Dacia offers rental of its models. The Jogger is no exception to the rule, and Dacia offers it a long-term rental offer (LLD) from €166 per month. This offer is spread over 49 months, or 50,000 kilometers. Its main advantage is that it does not require the payment of an initial additional rent, while builders usually claim several thousand euros to start a rental contract.

In short

Introduced in 2021 in the Dacia range, the Jogger does not need restyling in 2022. The family station wagon, however, received some changes with the new Dacia logo on its grille. Painted in white and surrounded by patterns, it is a continuation of the headlights. Called Dacia Link, this logo is also in the center of the rims, while the back of the Jogger receives a minimalistic letter that recalls the name of the model and its manufacturer. The Dacia Jogger also has a new body color called Lichen Kaki. Sold from €16,790 in a five-seat version, the Jogger will continue to receive upgrades. Dacia announced that it will be offered with a sleeping kit in 2023. This accessory makes it possible to place a double bed on board in the passenger compartment.

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