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Harmless against a Paris Saint-Germain without any advantage, Olympique Lyonnais chained a third consecutive defeat in ten days. In the thinning section: OL is not funny, when they were promised hell against a Neymar-Messi-Mbappé trio that they did the padlock. An observation that a competitor on the podium should not have.

With 58,230 spectators, the Groupama Stadium broke its attendance record. Many people saw a harmless OL, and to witness what we thought would be a massacre in the public square from 5e minute of play, when Lionel Messi converted the first projection in Paris to an offer from Neymar. In the end it was not in this massacre, because during the balance, the regrets of Lyon were awakened. Those who may not be released.

“Throughout the first half, we played with too much respect for PSG. » peter bosz

OL without fire, but with flames

Quickly leading, Olympique Lyonnais can and should have more offensive ambitions. Apart from Alexandre Lacazette’s header from close range, Les Gones didn’t have many opportunities to worry Gianluigi Donnarumma. But failing to score, OL – and this is a terrible admission of weakness for the contender for the podium that they need – insists on another point: not to sink, and finish the game not completely down their heads. . Perhaps because of the fear of doing the wrong thing and because of some technical limitations on both sides, especially on the wings, OL did not dare the project themselves, nor to ignite a meeting that only wanted . “Throughout the first half, we played with a lot of respect for PSG” Peter Bosz complained about this Lyon that is content to defend well, even if it means allowing the Parisians to spin the ball for long seconds many times.

If the ship remains afloat, Olympique Lyonnais owes it to strong men, who were able to respond. Always shy of the middle spaces, the Gones were able to intervene in the final movement of Paris. Started with Anthony Lopes, decisive on many occasions. With a curl from Neymar in the first period, then with another signed Messi in the second, or even with a free kick from the Argentinian: the goalkeeper is everywhere, except to the right of his goal in this famous 5e minutes. The defense also held its own, Thiago Mendes was the first. Present where it is needed, always with a leg that drags in the right place, the Brazilian ends up driving Mbappé crazy, who again becomes the fierce Kylian without success in the opposite area. The boss of the defense, Castello Lukeba also held the house – Messi’s dive from the start of the second act was only too well known. Even Captain Lacazette, phantom offensive, split the necessary defenses. And here’s where the shoe sticks: we don’t salute Lacazette for his defensive efforts in his last twenty meters. If he plays for Lyon and faces PSG, no matter how strong he is, he should be praised for his combinations around the Paris area, his attempts at the opposing goal or his persistence at the start.

What is Bosz’s ambition for OL?

At the end of 8e day, OL is 6e and six units behind the podium, and five in Lens. There is still time, plenty of time until spring when everything is decided whether to stock up for a season. But it must be emphasized that this Lyon has finally beaten only Auxerre, Ajaccio, Troyes or Angers, teams that are not a priori part of its championship, in any case even less Monaco, the surprising Lorient or even Paris Saint-Germain, the last three executioners of the Bosz band. After the truce, the menu will be richer until the World Cup because OL will cross paths with Lens, Rennes, Lille, Marseille or Nice, which should allow him to know more about where his place is. This is what it’s all about: what place should Lyon aim for at the end of the season? What place equals the value of this squad and its coach? Without lowering ambitions or “drinking a lot of alcohol after these three losses” as Bosz joked, the technician ensured that he would continue to maintain this OL that he considered to be ongoing. “We will go to the right side. I have a clear idea of ​​how I want to play with these players here, and I’m working hard on it. , he promised. Fortunately, the lead car was just leaving the station. There are 30 days left on the OL from Bosz, or someone else, to get it going.

Thiago Mendes, the unexpected

By Clément Barbier, at the Groupama Stadium

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