Madness of Saint-Joseph: He stabbed his father

He is 20 years old, the one who heard the first scream that went through the first light of the morning, at 5:30 in the morning yesterday, and the heart of the whole family. First of all, he believed the cries of his mother, whose health was not in good shape. He hurried to see his stepfather, who in the morning was already on the front steps of the house. He also hurried, this time to his partner’s room. But the mother is fine, despite the cries that break the dawn in this small village of Hauts de Saint-Joseph, in Grand-Galet on the charming and smart Chemin Mallet. He quickly understood that they came from the neighboring house, that of this family he became a cousin by marriage. He quickly ran, and went to the kitchen.

Half an hour heart massage

When he entered the house, Françis was also there, about fifty years old. This is the brother-in-law of the victim, Jean-Yves, 69, who is also his godfather. His sister called him in panic, and he too got out of the car immediately. He broke down the bedroom door and discovered, with his cousin by marriage, near the bed, the daughter of the family, a pool of blood and Jean-Yves. “I had to get rid of him to take care of the victim,” Francis, whom Jean-Yves likes to call Tatou, said humbly. He saw only one wound, which must have been made by a knife, here, a little below the right pectoral.
The cousins ​​called the fire brigade, who gave them instructions for cardiac massage. Francis passed on the recommendations, some placing his hands on the retired cook’s chest. The cousin didn’t remember how long it was. Time increases for one who tries, in vain, to delay death. Francis, he still thinks about the time it took: half an hour to realize, understand what happened and ask for help, then half an hour of heart massage. Soon, the firemen arrived. But Jean-Yves continued anyway.
While they were waiting for help, blood flowed. However, “I did not see death”, Francis suddenly realized that he was able to exchange the last words with his brother-in-law: “Tattoo, you are everything to me, mi aim aou”, Jean-Yves told him. But his last words are not only for Tatou, they are also for other family members, like this grandson that he likes to watch grow up. “I’m going to die,” Jean-Yves finally informs Tatou, who doesn’t want to believe it. “We’ll save you,” he replied, as we answered those we couldn’t see disappearing.
Afterwards, Tatou hesitated between anger and regret. “I can’t save him,” he repeated. “But I see tourists who go canyoning every day and that, when there is a fart, a broken ankle, a helicopter arrives. If they had arrived 15-20 minutes before, we would have saved him “, he was angry. .

“He has the devil in him”

On a small street in Mallet, family members were hugging each other, comforting each other when they were suddenly overcome with sobs. We are talking about Jean-Yves, this retired “a man of calm, who loves life, who loves everyone”, confided one of his daughters-in-law. “He likes medicinal plants, he is a nature and animal lover, he has chickens and rabbits,” added Tatou.
We are also talking about his sister, this forty is suspected of stabbing his dead father. “He has a demon, he is devilish,” said one of his brothers. The family pressed around him, nodding at us, as if to make us understand that pain sometimes distorts our words and reasoning.
What is certain is that the quadra is not going well. The other day, his parents understood him. Then they boarded the bus, direction of Grand-Coude where he raised his six-year-old son alone, to take him home and let him rest a little, for a week.
Described as psychologically fragile by the family, even paranoid, the 48-year-old sister still sleeps with a knife at night. “He told me he was afraid of the dark,” recalled his brother Kevin, who insisted it was not an argument, but an accident. “My mom woke up around 5 in the morning and saw that she hadn’t slept, then the knife. My parents thought she wanted to hurt herself.” The following scene is cruelly divine. The parents who tried to recover the weapon, and who tried to help their daughter in the worst possible way. A deteriorating condition. And this fatal move that could have killed Jean-Yves. “He’s sick. He’s having a psychotic attack,” Kevin concluded.
The girl was taken into custody yesterday. In the morning, the gendarmes of criminal identification and the research brigade examined the scene that mourned the whole family and the Mallet street. This is the second time that misfortune has struck this small, uneventful village. A brother of the cousins ​​died two weeks ago: “We are still mourning”, recounted one of them who admitted, however, that they had not spoken to the victim for a long time. They are angry, just like when you are angry with your family, the one you love. That’s life. But when death knocks on the door, “we share the pain”, concluded, with red eyes, the one who still realizes the bad that happened. “It’s a quiet little village. The only noises are when there’s an evacuation of tourists by helicopter. Or when rocks fall. That’s what causes the neighborhood to move, usually.”

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