LIVE – The doors of Westminster Hall close, the famous tribute to Queen Elizabeth II is over

‘I’ll always remember the smile’: Camilla paid tribute to the Queen in an interview a few days ago

In a BBC documentary, shot a few days ago, the current Queen Consort Camilla paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. “I am 75 years old, and the Queen has always been in my life,” he said, “she felt alone, at a time when there was no woman Prime Minister, no woman president. I think she carved her own role.”

“He had beautiful blue eyes that when he smiled his whole face would light up, I will always remember that smile, that smile will never be forgotten,” he said.

In London for the funeral of Elizabeth II, Bolsonaro launched a diatribe

Arriving in London on Sunday morning, Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro gathered in front of the queen’s coffin. He then gave an impromptu speech from the balcony of the Brazilian ambassador’s residence in front of several dozen people. “We are here at a time, a time of mourning, with deep respect for the Queen’s family and the people of the United Kingdom,” he first said.

But then he launched a fiery campaign rhetoric, saying that his country “does not want to hear about the liberalization of drugs, the legalization of abortion” and also “does not accept the ideology of gender”. Our motto is God, Motherland, Family and Freedom. And that’s how most Brazilians feel,” he added.

Macron published a video tribute to the relations between the Queen and the various French governments

“Thank you your majesty”, wrote on Twitter the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, in a message accompanying a video. We can see Queen Elizabeth II through the years, meeting with different French governments.

The area around Buckingham is “very congested”, London’s town hall has warned

London City Hall has alerted a message on Twitter of the situation around Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Whitehall, St James’s Park and Green Park, where the population gathers. These places are “very crowded”, they have a line. “When you arrive” in the area, “be patient and follow the instructions” of the authorities.

Buckingham shared a previously unpublished photo of the Queen to pay tribute to her

Buckingham Palace shared a photo of the queen Elizabeth II was never publicly announced, it was taken in May, before her jubilee.

In Paris, the RATP paid tribute to Elizabeth II

The RATP also paid a final tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, as the state funeral begins in a few hours at Westminster Abbey in London.

On this occasion, the George V station, on line 1, was renamed Elizabeth II. George V was the grandfather of Elizabeth II.

This is not the only tribute planned in France today. Flags will be flown at half-mast in many official buildings, as is the case the day after the death of the sovereign.

The last person gathered in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin testifies to BFMTV

Chrissy Heerey, the last person to pray in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin in Westminster Hall, testified to BFMTV. “It’s an honor and a privilege,” he said. “It’s not true.”

Chrissy Heerey, who waited in line for 14 hours, was able to pay her last respects twice to the Queen. “He has done so much for our country, he represents everything.”

And adding: “He has a work ethic. He’s amazing. If I have to take 14 hours of my time to express my gratitude, it’s not a problem.”

The doors of Westminster Hall are almost, completely a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

The last members of the public gathered in front of Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin in London on Monday morning before the closing of Britain’s oldest chamber of parliament where the body was unveiled, hours before a historic that funeral.

Brave long waiting time, tens or even hundreds of thousands of people marched in front of the coffin placed in an impressive catafalque in Westminster Hall for five days until it closed around 5:30 GMT, before a state funeral that will begin at 10 am GMT in the presence of 2,000 guests, including hundreds of foreign dignitaries and crowned heads.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte will parade behind the Queen’s coffin

9 and 7 years old, but already on a mission. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, son and daughter of Prince William, great-grandchildren of the Queen and 2nd and 3rd in line to the British crown, will parade on Monday behind the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, whose funeral was held in Westminster Abbey.

Minute by minute, the funeral program of Elizabeth II

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will follow a more precise program on Monday, established during her sovereign life. From the end of the coffin display at Westminster Hall at 7.30am to its burial in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle at 8.30pm, here are the details of this extraordinary day.

>> The program every minute

The funeral of Elizabeth II, “the largest police operation ever” in the United Kingdom

The final farewell ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II is a unique logistical and security challenge for the United Kingdom. More than a million people are expected on the streets of London, not counting the 300 heads of state from around the world whose safety must be ensured. Terrorist attacks, demonstrations, people’s movements: many fears…

“It’s like organizing 100 state visits at once,” said an official quoted by the BBC.

>> The details of this unprecedented operation

The United Kingdom says a final farewell to its Queen

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at Windsor Castle on Monday. Before this, an extraordinary ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey, which will be attended by leaders from almost every country in the world.

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