Kremlin calls discovery of hundreds of bodies in Izyum a “lie”

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hurt”punishmentUkrainian according to pro-Russian separatists, accusation of bombing a nuclear site according to Ukraine, Russian denials after the discovery of hundreds of bodies in Izyoum… Le Figaro took stock on Monday, September 19 of the latest information related to the war in Ukraine.

The Kremlin called it “lied» the discovery of hundreds of bodies in Izyum

The Kremlin called Monday “false» reports of the discovery of hundreds of bodies and a mass grave in Izyum, eastern Ukraine, after the withdrawal of Russian forces from the area. “This is a lie. Of course we will protect the truth in this mattersaid Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. According to Ukrainian authorities, more than 440 graves and a mass grave were found last week near Izyum, in the middle of a pine forest on the edge of this city that was taken by forces from in kyiv to moscow.

Since the start of its military intervention in Ukraine, Russia has repeatedly denied committing abuses. “It’s the same scenario with BoutchaDmitry Peskov said on Monday, referring to another Ukrainian city, located near Kyiv, where Russian forces have been accused of committing atrocities, which Moscow denies.

The Kremlin spokesman also assured on Monday that the Crimean peninsula, which was annexed in 2014 by Moscow, “integral part of Russian territory“, after Ukrainian officials reiterated their desire to end the “work» Russian. “Any view of Russian territory will receive an appropriate responseadded Dmitry Peskov.

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one hit”punishment» Ukrainian killed 13 civilians in Donetsk

one hit”punishment” Ukrainian in Donetsk, capital of the eponymous pro-Russian separatist zone in eastern Ukraine, killed 13 civilians, the city’s pro-Moscow mayor, Alexei Kemzouline, charged Monday on Telegram. He clarified that “the number of injured (still under construction).“. “Nine 155 mm caliber shells were fired from the village of Netailové“, he said, calling on the population to “unless absolutely necessary“. These statements cannot be independently verified.

Ukraine has accused the Russian military of bombing a nuclear power plant site

Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of bombing the site of a nuclear power plant in the country’s south, raising fears that the war could lead to a major atomic incident. This Ukrainian nuclear site is the third to be drawn into the war launched by Russia in February against Ukraine, and this, despite many calls from the international community to save these infrastructures so as not to cause a continental disaster.

In reaction to the missile strike that hit the Pivdennonoukrainsk power plant site, in the Mykolaiv region (south), President Volodymyr Zelensky decided that Russia had put “to the danger of the whole world“. “We must stop this until it is too late“, he launched on Telegram, broadcasting a surveillance video showing a huge explosion. According to the operator Energoatom, “a powerful explosion occurred just 300 meters from the reactorsof this plant, it was lent to a night strike from a Russian missile.

13 years in prison for two OSCE employees in the pro-Russian east

Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine on Monday sentenced to 13 years in prison two employees of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) accused of “high treason“, Russian agencies reported. In April, the Ministry of State Security of the separatist Lugansk region announced that it had arrested two members of the OSCE mission in the region, Dmitri Chabanov and Maksim Petrov, who were accused of sending the information to foreign intelligence services.”The judges found Dmitry Shabanov guilty (…) and sentenced him to 13 years in prison“Said the Supreme Court of the separatist region of Lugansk, as quoted by Ria-Novosti agency.

A few hours later, the same court announced the same verdict against Dmitry Petrov, who worked as an interpreter for the OSCE, according to Russian agencies. According to the separatists’ Ministry of Security, “the investigation established that Dmitry Shabanov, as a security assistant at the forward patrol base in Stakhanavoskaya, passed on confidential information“in”representatives of foreign intelligence services“.

The ministry said that Dmitry Shabanov was recruited in 2016 by a former officer of the SBU, Ukrainian security services, and CIA agent in Ukraine. According to separatist authorities, Dmitry Shabanov committed acts of “high treasonbetween August 2021 and April 2022. OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid strongly criticized on Monday the sentencing of the two employees after “called ‘legal proceedings’“.

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Freezing Russian assets: a European commissioner criticizes Hungary’s inaction

The EU has frozen 14.5 billion assets of Russian figures as part of sanctions adopted in response to the war in Ukraine, but several countries, including Hungary, did not contribute to the effort, claiming on Sunday that a European commissioner. “We have to apply very strong pressurein Hungary, becausewe can imagine that (his) very close links with Russia, might prevent him from moving“, stated the European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders, in an interview with the television channel LCI.

Hungary is frozenjust over 3000 eurosof Russian assets, he said. Nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban has built close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years and this collaboration has continued despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So Budapest announced at the end of August an agreement with the Russian giant Gazprom to receive more deliveries, at a time when other European countries are facing a sharp reduction in the amount supplied. The Hungarian government is also cooperating with the Russian conglomerate Rosatom for the construction of two new nuclear reactors.

Disputes between Brussels and Budapest have increased in recent months. The European Commission is particularly concerned about corruption that threatens the proper use of European funds in the country. He threatened Sunday to deny Hungary 7.5 billion euros in funding if the reforms promised by the Hungarian government are not implemented immediately.

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