Why do corgis say so much thanks to the “Queen”?

We can also be transparent from the beginning, this article has no purpose: its author himself is the owner of a small corgi (yes, the very cute one, there, in the photo, above). So we know what we’re talking about when we tell you that for corgis owners, it’s hard to walk past one without hearing “look, this is the queen’s dog”. And for good reason, the breed – from Wales – was widely popularized by Elizabeth II, who had more than thirty in her life.

Seen with Her Majesty on official trips, foreign trips or receptions at Buckingham Palace, corgis have become inseparable from her image. And now he can send a big thank you, believing that this word is in the canine language.

From Susan to Willow

In 1933, young Elizabeth was just 9 years old when her father, King George VI, brought Dookie, a few-month-old corgi, back to the palace. The love at first sight was immediate in this breed that took its name from the Celtic “Cor gi”, meaning “dwarf dog”. Ten years ago, for her 18th birthday, Elizabeth, who became the heir to the throne, was offered her own dog – corgi -, Susan. A gift that will mark the beginning of a long royal line. Decades passed and in April 2018, it was a blow for His Majesty who lost Wilow, the last descendant of this canine dynasty. Three years later, in 2021, Elizabeth II decided to get two new puppies, Muick and Sandy, a relief when her husband Philip died.

But seventy years of reign is a long time, and the prestige of corgis – like the monarchy, for that matter – has its ups and downs. According to the prestigious Kennel Club, a British cynological association, the popularity of the breed jumped by 56% after the arrival of Susan, the corgi presented to Elizabeth II in her majority, before reaching its peak after her coronation. “After this ‘time of glory’, the breed’s popularity fell,” the association explains on its website.

Stars on small screens

The revival happened later, through cinema, television and advertising. In 2012, in a video shot for the opening of the Summer Olympics in London, one of the royal corgis appeared alongside the Queen and James Bond – played by Daniel Craig.

In 2017, this is the series The Crown which gives a new impetus. After the first season aired, Corgi Pembroke puppies born increased by 16%, then by 47% in 2018, after the expected second season, according to the Kennel Club, which was able to remove the breed from the list of endangered.

And the event does not stop there: let’s quote the pell-mell of the cartoon Royal Corgisthe hit series The Bridgerton Chronicle and, most recently, a corgi emoji, wearing a purple crown, created on Twitter to mark the Queen’s Jubilee in June 2022. “She is a pioneer of the breed. Somewhere the circle is complete. Nothing is the queen, but corgis are always the queen’s dogs”, explains Adeline, who manages a breeding in Tarn, “The crusades of Tyam”.

“I got 400 phone calls for a piece of garbage”

As a result, breeders are overwhelmed by requests, especially in France. “Ten years ago, there were only about ten breeders in France, now, almost a hundred. And we are always overwhelmed”, explains Jocelyne, owner of the breeding “La Caverne des Anges”, in Yonne. And she is not the only one. “Last year, I received 400 phone calls for in a litter, people reserve the puppy ten months ago. It’s amazing”, said Sandrine, owner of the breeding “Du Royaume des Anges de Lylu”.

With the queen gone, corgis still have a few good years ahead of them, according to specialists. “In the coming months, things will not calm down, although I think we will receive more requests,” added the breeder. “We are close to a historical dimension. It will always remain the queen’s dogs,” added Adeline.

At Buckingham Palace, therefore, there are no more corgis – and their famous fluffy buttocks -. Muick and Sandy, the last two four-legged companions of Elizabeth II, were adopted by her son, Prince Andrew – who gave them his way -. These are the two Jack Russels of King Charles III and Camilla, Beth and Bluebell, who will therefore logically take their place. But in 20 minutes, we are working on another theory. What if Cavalier King Charles became the new official companion of the house of Windsor? (Have you?). Come on, it deserves a little “God save the Corgi”.

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