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Clearly dominating against a team from Nîmes in the difficult, Sochaux regained its place at the top of the Ligue 2 standings, closely followed by Le Havre, which fell to the finish in Annecy. Among the contenders for promotion, Caen fell to Grenoble and Paris FC against Rodez. Under the table, Pau lets himself breathe by beating Valenciennes.

Sochaux 3-1 Nimes

Goals: Mauricio (22e) and Sissoko (34e and 53e) for the Cubs // N’Guessan (4e) for Crocos

The Cubs continue to chew up everything in their path. Surprised by Crocos’ bite at the start of the game and N’Guessan’s opener through a cross shot, the leader recovered well. Helped by the passivity of the opposing defense, Mauricio quickly got his men back, before Sissoko took advantage of a Kalulu celebration to double the lead. Sochaux controls the operations and does not let them go, the same Sissoko who offers himself double in continuity. Nîmes can touch the post, Sochaux regains its throne.

Paris FC 1-2 Rodez

Goals: Guilavogui (24eSP) for PFC // Vandenabeele (61e) and Danger (81eSP) for the RAF

The big hit of the night. Clearly dominating from the first minutes, the residents of Ile-de-France saw their supremacy completed by Guilavogui’s penalty. A quiet night for Thierry Laurey’s band? Not really, because on the contrary, Rodez played one of his best games to start the season. And it was taken by Vandenabeele, scorer on the head of the free kick. Before taking the lead a penalty was conceded by Filipovic and converted by Danger.

Quevilly-Rouen 1-3 Laval

Goals: Diedhiou (34e) for QRM // Durbant (7eSP) and Maggiotti (10e and 74e) for Tangos
Sent: Cissokho (70e)

The Tangos quickly danced to Quevilly. Quickly in front thanks to a penalty from Durbant, Laval doubled the bet with Maggiotti’s move, helped a lot by a devastating exit from Thuram. With a good dose of success, Diedhiou pushed the ball under after a save from Sauvage on a volley from Gbellé to bring the Normans back, but in vain. After the break, Cissokho was dismissed for a small collision in the position of the last defender, which destroyed his team’s hopes of a comeback, Maggiotti went there with his double to seal the deal.

Bastia 1-0 Metz

Goal: Salles Lamonge (10e)

The game after the Garnets. Guingamp swept after being reduced to eight at the start of the week, so Messins went to Corsica. Bastiais who quickly took advantage of Salles Lamonge, with a beautiful volley of a cross from the right. Until the end of the first period to witness a timid revolt from the guests, in vain despite an exciting end to the match. László Bölöni’s men dropped valuable points.

Amiens 3-0 Niort

Goals: Fofana (55e) and Cisse (60eSP) and Arokodare (75e)
Removal: Moutachy (59e) for Chamois

Half an hour to finish sleeping, and one to make the difference. Long troubled by the attractive chamois, Amiens managed to get ahead of his opponent in the evening to keep in touch with the podium. A meeting was decided five minutes before the time of play, which was the first to open the score of Fofana in the loss of the ball Niortaise. The visitors’ defense was then broken by a penalty which Moutachy conceded, missed, and Cissé converted, with the help of the bar. Arokodare even added a third, just for fun.

Le Havre 2-0 Annecy

Goals: Alioui (74eSP) and Cornette (83e)
Evicted: Bastian (63e) for Annecy

Passing four for HAC, has been unstoppable since the beginning of September. Facing a strong team from Annecy, the Hacmen took their time to find fault, taking advantage of the dismissal of Bastian – cautioned for the second time after an obstruction – to express their superiority. In the end, Alioui from the penalty spot then Cornette offered victory to them to get the second place in the standings.

Grenoble 1-0 Caen

Objective: Say (66e)
Sent off: Paquiez (37e) for GF38

The irregularity, if you hold us. Caen had the chance to continue its good start to the season at the Stade des Alpes, but nothing happened. Under the entire first action, the Normans could reverse the trend after the dismissal of Paquiez, who was guilty of the second single of Vandermersch. But the Grenoble public instead attended the goal of the night signed by Jordan Tell, with a lob of more than 40 meters to Mandrea.

Pau 1-0 Valenciennes FC

Goal: Bassouamina (72e)
Dismissal: Debuchy (49e) for AV

Pau’s second consecutive victory. Again, the meeting remained closed for a while, before the Pallois replaced the premature return to the locker room of Debuchy, author of a nudge to Bassouamina. Larsonneur could relax to attract a strike from Koffi, this is the same Bassouamina responsible for picking up three points for the locals.

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