REVEALED A better life: Pavel’s death, Frémont takes the bar, Samia returns (PBLV info)

NO Better life ahead: intrigues and spoilers ahead PBLV until October 21, 2022 This is a real thunder waiting for you at the beginning of October in your daily soap opera “Plus belle la vie”! If you are impatient to know more about what will happen in the next episodes, Stars Actu reveals everything to you in preview and exclusive.


And in three weeks, we can tell you that Mistral will be shaken by the death of its most symbolic inhabitant: Roland Marci!

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A better life: Pavel finally dies

Bastien tells the police that Pavel is in the Zéphir. The Mistral district is square. When Patrick and Ariane enter the Zéphyr, they go up to Pavel’s room and are confused: there is no one there… The next day, Eugenie asks Revel about the fact that Pavel escaped from them again. Revel makes it personal. Pavel listening to the interview wants to use Revel to achieve his goal.
Lorraine brought Luna a delicious breakfast. Pavel saw this suspiciously and understood, angry, that Lorraine wanted to poison Luna. Pavel takes this attempted murder seriously and threatens to kill him if he does it again.
Revel prepares for his meeting with the ministry representative. He goes without knowing it to the villa of Pavel, who intends to trap him with the girls… Revel meanwhile, is found completely naked in Borely Park. He remembers nothing but a few flashes…
Luna formally identified Pavel’s body, relieved that he was dead. Lorraine tells that she was poisoned because she started losing her love for Luna. Leo asks Revel to clear Agathe but the prosecutor is firm: if he finds her she will rot in prison. So Leo has a plan, he will recover Revel’s video recording to sing to him! Revel had no choice but to let Agathe go. The latter goes to Argentina and Leo chooses Claire. Leo and Claire reunite with tenderness. There remains one escapee to be found: this is Djawad.


Frémont laid a plan and took the Mistral bar

An American lawyer informs the Marci family that Roland left his bar to… Charles Frémont! François hires a detective to investigate the American lawyer. He asks Kilian to stay working at the bar because they need an in-house spy. Frémont owned the bar, which he named “Le Charles, a quality establishment”. He has little empathy for Kilian whom he insists on calling “boss”…
At the bar, Frémont is tough on Kilian and he even gets a family photo of Marci. Even Lola has trouble keeping calm in the face of the treacherous Frémont…
François has a detective on the phone, they organize an online meeting to which Frémont is invited. The lawyer claimed to be an actor hired by Frémont. The latter is discovered and has to make the minion spend the whole day in the bar as punishment…
Killian finally opens the gift that Roland gave him. This is the key that opens his locker room at the boxing gym. There he meets Sergio who explains to him that Roland settled his affairs with a notary Maitre Soubise… And to Kilian that Roland left his bar!

Kevin and Alexandre as a couple

Kevin and Alexandra spent a nice night together, and prepared breakfast when they woke up. They decided to formalize their relationship at the police station. They tell Boher that it doesn’t matter, if Ariane is Alexandra’s new internship supervisor…
Laetitia learned from Ariane that Kevin is in love. Laetitia, angry that her trust was not taken, confronts her son. He wants to invite Alexandra to dinner tonight. In Marci, Emilie draws a not-so-helpful picture of her ex-mother-in-law with Alexandra…

Jean-Paul saw Samia again

At night, Boher has nightmares and feels anxious even when awake. Patrick thought he might catch fire. He even saw Samia passing by the police station. Ariane, Boher and Patrick will be decorated today and Boher is more paranoid. He was worried and sweating. Louder and louder applause seemed to startle Boher. He saw a ghost…
While Patrick is at the police station, he sees the appearance of Anne Olivieri. Suddenly he finds himself on a beach and Olivieri tells him that he will lose everything. Patrick wakes up and this dire prophecy does not leave him unscathed. Patrick visits Boher to hear from him. They both admitted to each other that they had apparitions. They blame it on overwork…

Betty is pregnant with Noah

In class, Betty is not feeling well and not well. Vidal advised her to take a pregnancy test…

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