PSG press review: OL, Marquinhos, Verratti, Galtier…

Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Sunday, September 18: the match between OL and PSG, the difficulties of Marquinhos, the Lyon career of Christophe Galtier and the importance of Marco Verratti in the game in Paris.

THE GROUP opened the edition of the day by explaining the need for this match between PSG andfragment scheduled for this Sunday evening at 8:45 pm. Groupama Stadium : after a particularly dangerous week for French clubs in Europe, ” we all got to see the best of Ligue 1 tonight between the two most successful clubs of the 2000s “. As the night battle drew near, pair is in good form as highlighted by sports every day with ten wins and one draw in eleven games as well as a goal difference of 25 goals to 2 conceded. At his side, Lyons remains on a two-game losing streak against Lorient and Monaco. The attacking trio of Paris is also emphasized by THE GROUP : ” We can debate what they do or don’t do when they don’t have the ball, but the fact remains that with the ball, Ligue 1 has never seen that. “, can we read? However, the Groupama Stadium a stage where the PSG can be risked despite the difficulties offragment nowadays, a fragment WHO ” has the talent to shake up PSG “. Still it is necessary for that that the Lyonnais will not be forced to return, especially if Nuno Mendes and Kylian Mbappe go behind the Malo wanta place recognized by the opponents of Lyons this time. To see if pair will use it tonight.

In another article, THE GROUP focused on Marquinhos’ current struggles, providing ” feeling more stressed than usual ” after a referee’s decision or an aggressive opponent, and this while his performances are much less bright than before. ” The Paris captain seemed less windy, less violent in duels, a little less accurate in his reminders, more often caught behind his back. “. Supporting statistics, THE GROUP underlines that the Brazilian is not very peaceful: he will lose less ball and win less ball than last season while progressing higher, inserting himself in the middle. Another reason for the lack of peace in Marquinhos will also come from the fact that his leadership has been contested since this summer. Sergio Ramos need more space, while Kylian Mbappe placed on top of the project after its extension. Nothing allowed Marquinhos to see his posture strong therefore.

THE GROUP also mentions the links between Christophe Galtier and theOlympique Lyonnais goes back to three periods of his life. The first is simply due to the fact that he lives Lyons in his childhood when his police father was transferred. In this city, anyone can be a coach PSG many years later his first balloons were hit. Second period, his 2007/2008 season as an assistantAlain Perrin in the bankfragment. Even if it’s just a deputy, Christopher Galtier played an important role in getting the Cup-Championship double. His adventure ended in June 2008 with a funny anecdote: when he received his greatly overvalued severance pay, the Frenchman called his former managers and offered to return the money to them on the condition that the accountant not sanctioned. In the previous episode, his dinner at the Lyon hotel La Villa Florentine on May 25, 2021 at the invitation of the leaders offragmentwhich is looking for a replacement for Rudi Garcia. The dinner was relaxed with a constructive atmosphere where all topics were discussed. At night, at 4 o’clock in the morning, thefragment found an agreement with the French representatives. It’s a must now Christophe Galtier announced his decision toOGC is great. The Riviera club meeting was held the next day, May 26. May 28, Christophe Galtier sign on It.

Last topic covered by THE GROUP : the battle of the training center which is also hidden behind the game between PSG and thefragment this Sunday evening. In the classification made in July of DTN, Lyons ranked first when pair it’s the 4th. Paris took pole position between 2019 and 2021, but the playing time given to the youngsters in the first team in 2021/2022 prevented them from continuing their reign, with 139 minutes shared between five player under the age of 20. L’fragment doing better in this area.

In the current edition, The Parisian focuses on the importance of Marco Verratti in the game of PSG. The one who will be celebrating his 30th birthday this November 5 received praise from Christophe Galtier very recent, as it was in the days of its predecessors. Only, in the eyes of the regional daily, ” since Vitinha joined him, he seems to have taken on a new dimension and has been producing high-class technical moves, such as his decisive through pass for Neymar on Wednesday “. Marco Verratti showed its weight within the Parisian workforce in all corners of the field, in the outings of the balls by taking the defense out of a difficult moment himself and the three in front by giving them or not the pass .

The Parisian also devoted a role in the game between PSG and thefragment in its current edition. A historically difficult game for the club from the capital with as many victories as defeats (four) in the last ten confrontations in the Rhône. In a context where the game is slower and less flamboyant, Lyon may have an opportunity to seize. This summit will in any case close chapter 1 of the season Christophe Galtier on PSG before moving on to matches against Benfica after the ceasefire where the classical againstOM scheduled for mid-October. waiting, pair will never go wrong this Sunday as there is no difference in point with his pursuers who refuse to drop points on the road. So, the PSG no choice but to win it all, in the context of which peter bosz now seems to be playing in his head in every encounter with thosefragment.

The Lyon press also mentioned the match of the day between PSG and thefragment. The Liberated Dauphine capital club qualifies as ” machine », and this while the position of peter bosz the Lyon bench has been weakened by the last two consecutive defeats and sawtooth performances. ” The face of OL against PSG will depend in large part on the future of the Dutch technician on the Rhone bench where he arrived in 2021 writes in the local daily. At his side, growth staring at ” constellation » which happens in Lyons. ” The arrival of Sunday night in MNM, a constellation made up of Leo Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, surpassed all defeats what the Lyon club has seen so far in terms of great players, world champions and Golden Ballswrote in the regional media.

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