“New FIFA dates to come… in principle”

The Algerian coach had to respond from the start of his press conference to the possible arrival of binational players like Aouar, Adli etc… He, for the first time, explained in detail his approach to these profiles.

Djamel Belmadi first recalled that it is not his habit to publish the extended list of players who have been called up before he explained that without the expected players, above all because they still will not be selected, most of them have not yet passed. the administrative process of changing their sporting nationality.

He left the door open, explaining that things are progressing with some files for the next FIFA dates.

For the first time, he will give more information on his approach and his approach to those players, saying among other things that it is possible that some players are not ready at the moment but that at the age of 23, they can give to evolve and then to offer ten years to the bottom for the National Team. This logic, to which he subscribes, is the reason why he always avoids drawing a definite line on an element despite possible denials.

He took as a counter-example, while greeting him, Vahid Halilhodizic who publicly informed the Moroccan press that Brahim Diaz refused to join the Atlas Lions.

We understand that, far from the displayed posture, Djamel Belmadi is waiting for the right moment to bring Aouar, Adli and other Larouci.

Then he goes into some details and especially the double game of some parents of binational players in the press.

He will also explain some reasons why the dual nationals are hesitant to choose.


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