MotoGP Aragon J3: Marc Marquez (Honda / Ab.) gives his full version of the incidents (Videos)

The least we can say is that the return of Marc Márquez to the Aragon MotoGP Grand Prix after an absence of four months and six races did not go as expected!

The eight-time world champion impressed everyone with his speed and talent found in practice, but the Honda rider was at the center of the spectacular incidents in the first lap, which forced him to retire.

Qualifying only 13th, in part due to offering a free practice session in the development of the 2023 RC213V, the talented Spaniard made an incredible start, approaching the first corner in 6th position, just ahead. Fabio Quartararo 6th part. There, the loss of rear grip (tire not warm enough?) instinctively forced him to suddenly cut the throttle, a very rare maneuver against it. El Diablo there was nothing to do and the Honda crashed before spinning like the top of the earth, which could have been fatal.

But a pause is still necessary Mark Marquez, so it continued, unaware that a piece of the world champion Yamaha’s fairing was stuck under the saddle of his own bike. Coming to the exit of turn 8, the Catalan used his ride height device and, from there, things got complicated, culminating in the fall of Takaaki Nakagami in the middle of the motorcycles in front of its miraculous avoidance.

In front of the assembled reporters, Mark Marquez gave his view on the two incidents.

“In turn 3, it’s true that I lost my back a little bit and I cut the throttle. But not too hot. The problem was Fabio, I saw the picture afterwards, very close, because maybe his intention was to try to pass me this change of direction. I had a little heat because Enea and Aleix were a little outside then I tried, I didn’t try to let it go but I was on the right trajectory, and I had a little heat because we usually have cold tires. It was an unlucky event in the race because Fabio was super close, as usual. This is normal. »

“Then it all started. I got to turn 5 I felt weird I said ‘what’s going on’ but when I opened the throttle and went into turns 6 and 7, I felt great. And then on turn 7, Nakagami passed me on the inside and he went big. And then when I was in, he got a little bit ahead, and I made the holeshot. When I made the holeshot, I felt the rear wheel lock up. I examined the photo closely and you can see that a part is sticking out. And then when I felt like it was stuck, everything went crazy. The bike, when I had a rear lockout, went to the left side, and there was no engine torque. And after that incident, I retired, but I didn’t retire because of the Taka incident, but because of the Fabio incident. But both actions are not so lucky for everyone.
I apologized and spoke to Taka’s team. I explained to them why, because if you see outside, and if you don’t pay attention to the details, you will see that I went straight to Taka, for no reason, because I was already in the lead. So why do I want, in the middle of a straight line, to go to the left side?
Later, I will try to talk to Fabio, who went to the medical center, but also to Taka. »

Mark Marquez so got right back to the center of the action, with a lot of bad luck, but the important thing is that no one was seriously injured.

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