Jean-Marc Généreux was deeply moved: he woke up to the terrible death of his son!

If there is a jury that the “DALS” audience appreciates more, it is Jean-Marc Généreux. So, sincehe left the showhis loss is greatly felt.

So we can imagine the joy of the fans he saw his notes again and his valuable advice to candidates. In fact, Friday, December 16, 2022, the time of a premium, he replaced his former sidekick, Chris Marquez. No doubt the principal was worried glad to see the whole “DALS” team again..

When he is not on TV sets, Jean-Marc Généreux spends most of his time with his family. He who, for several years, married his wife France Mousseau. They have two children. At the age of 4, they became a small family. Except that usually there should be 5 of them, but life decided otherwise.

Walked down the street

Jean-Marc Généreux and France Mousseau lost a child. This tragedy, the dancer from Longueuil (Quebec) rarely talk about it. One of the few times he talked about it started in 2014.

That year, faced Frédéric Lopez in “The unexpected parenthesis”, the fifty year old trusted by many subjects about his private life. Especially for his idyll with his wife whom he has known since he was 9 years old, but also his daughter’s illness. And of course the loss of his son.

You should know that for Jean-Marc Généreux and France Mousseau, Becoming parents is a real obstacle. According to the professional dancer’s account:

“In fairy tales, we put a prince and a princess, a king and a queen, this is the story of France and me. And you said that if you want to have a child, it’s easy because love we love each other very much. But it’s not that simple. »

Despite the difficulties, the couple never stopped. And one fine day, their perseverance paid off. Françoise is pregnant, plus twins. Suddenly, nature became very generous to the lovebirds. their happiness then at his height, but Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long.

For good reason, at 12 weeks of pregnancy, they know that one of the babies left the road. Nature is sometimes ungrateful, here is the proof. Apart from mourning, the couple is also worried about another child.

“France has lost one of the twins. We prayed that a child, Jean-Francis, would come to term,” the father of the family recalled.

“It’s Rett syndrome”

Fortunately, Jean-Francis was born, making Jean-Marc Généreux and his wife happiest parents in the world. And three years later, in 1999, their happiness was highlighted by the arrival in the world of Francesca. However, another piece of bad news will come back to haunt everyone. According to her father’s story, from 0 to 9 months, the girl’s development is good. Only then, for a moment, his mother noticed that he did not answer. Jean-Marc Généreux says:

“After 24 months, there is a beginning to return. Within three years, Francesca returned to the mental age and agility of a 9-month-old child. She lost her speech. There was no longer any way to communicate, he withdrew himself and the diagnosis fell, it was Rett syndrome. »

France Mousseau, the mother lion

For information, Rett syndrome a neurodegenerative disease. It mainly affects women, causing mental retardation and severe motor difficulties. In the case of Francesca, now a young woman, he only moves in a wheelchair. Fortunately, he was well surrounded. There is no doubt that his older brother and both of his parents shower him with love every day.

In addition, after the diagnosis fell, France Mousseau, also a dancer, sacrificed his career to take care of his family. Very protective of her young, the mother lion is worried about the future. Who will take care of his child when he is no longer in this world?

“It’s a subject that hurts me a lot,” he said.

If France protects her daughter, Jean-Marc Généreux is the same. Close to Francesca, whose last words were “dad”, the dancer was able to wear his “100% Dad cap” during his imprisonment.

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