George Eddy said goodbye to the French national team

In France, there is a before and an after george eddy, and the youngest, fed by BeIN Sports and highlights of social networks, did not know the impact of our partner from Canal + in the area of ​​the NBA in France, and above all in basketball. In any game, it needs a sound to surprise and attract the audience. To bring sport to living rooms.

There was Thierry Roland, Eugène Saccomano, Thierry Gilardi, Roger Couderc in football and rugby. Today there are Grégoire Margotton, Alexandre Pasteur and Julien Fébreau. George Eddy is one of the greatest voices in sport, and tonight, at 66, the Franco-American will commentate on his last match for the French team since BeIN Sports acquired the rights to the meetings of the Blues. Starting tomorrow, only Canal+ Afrique will benefit from its comments on the NBA.

“I understood from the beginning that my job was to sell basketball to new audiences to interest them in American sports”

And this EuroBasket final has the most symbolic of posters: France – Spain. Many of them he commented on, and perhaps these are the most beautiful epilogues for someone who introduced himself ” 50% journalist and 50% actor » when he had to comment on meetings where he knew the outcome.

Tonight is live, and although it is not strictly speaking the end of his career, this meeting is like the end of 37 years of service in the basketball service of Canal + since it all began in 1985 when he played in France .

I’m still a Racing player and I was one of the first subscribers to Canal+ because I saw that they play American sports “He told us in 2015.” When I looked at the documentation for the channel I had a subscription to, I thought to myself, ‘Damn, they’re going to play American basketball and I don’t know who can comment on that. Me, I live in Paris, I know the NBA well and I speak French correctly. Without really believing it, I therefore sent my CV to Charles Biétry. My friends in Karera told me that I didn’t know them yet and I would never be able to take them. I sent my CV and I did well because two weeks before the first game, he had not found a commentator and I had an opportunity like that. »

The famous “lucky star” that put him on the road to Charles Biétry, a nascent chain and a basketball championship (NBA) that began its internationalization. ” I understood from the beginning that my job was to sell basketball to a new audience to get them interested in American sports. By being enthusiastic and promoting beautiful actions, my expressions and my voice, it helped popularize this sport. »

Humor, inventiveness, professionalism

Expressions that remain in the generation like “Bababoum”, “Gruyère time”, “Blocorama” but also “He lost his shorts”, “Put on your helmets”, “Stratospheric”… Not to mention puns like “C is a Rasheed Peanut! », « Pau Gasol rolls at the super » or « This Penny costs a lot of money ».

George Eddy is a voice, an accent, but also a great professionalism. Also a sincere love for FIBA ​​​​​​basketball that he commented with Eric Besnard, David Cozette, Jacques Monclar or even Stéphane Genti and Bruno Poulain. We know him in the NBA, but he really knows European basketball, be it Euroleague, French championship or major international competitions. Besides, he explained to us why commentating on the Blues is so exciting.

These are always cleaver matches. It highlights the emotional side and then I’ve known all the players and staff for 20 to 30 years so I feel completely involved in everything they do. he confessed. ” Perhaps the emotional charge and nervous tension are stronger in a cleaver match where there is no tomorrow if you are eliminated. But that’s where you have to stay objective and professional“.

“I want to be considered the big brother of these generations that make up the current French team”

Tonight, George Eddy will push his last “babababa Gentlemen ladies” after a dunk from Rudy Gobert. A player whose father he knew, whom he saw starting at Cholet, declared himself in the NBA and became part of the French team. France is in the final with the NBAers. A way to close the loop.

Since the NBA barely existed in France, a young basketball player had trouble knowing what it was. he remembered. “It inspired Tony, Nicolas, Boris and even those who followed like Rudy Gobert or Evan Fournier. That’s why I consider them my spiritual children. I can’t tell my younger brothers because I’m too old but I want to be considered a brother of these generations that make up the current France team.. »

The big brother is also a whole generation of journalists, more or less young today, whether they comment on matches on the radio or on BeIN Sports like Xavier Vaution, or write on the Internet, and those newspapers and magazines. Many have done this work thanks to George. “Mister George”, as he was called.

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