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Direction of Chantilly on Saturday, September 17, 2022, for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté Plus of the day. In this test, the Book Cabinet Prize must compete with each other. The race will be extended to 1200 meters, and awarded 50,000 €.

In this event, the Queen of Speed ​​​​​​(8) quickly reveals potential, combining competitiveness and consistency. Aimed at the beginning of August to the fifth, it was very good from the beginning, only exceeding the minimum for success. This time he had to be with his elders for the first time. This flawless filly deserves serious credit again.

Geny’s secrets

Matthew Boutin: Tudo Bem (1) remains a success at this level. It is reasonably penalized for weight, but its good shape is still valid. At the end of a good run, I hope to see him defend himself well again, especially since he usually runs very well on this course. It fits well in soft ground but is not heavy, especially for the weight it has to carry.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Forza Capitano (2) remains in good performance. Now he carries less weight. His form remains good. It can still be played.

Stephane Wattel: Mysterious Land (3) does not support Deauville PSF this summer. On the other hand, it went well last time and still looks good. I think he will progress far at his ease.

Francois Monfort: Be Ahead (4) recently made a comeback but I was disappointed with his performance, with no real explanation. The horse is in good shape, loves Chantilly and is worth buying. Although penalized by weight, it is better than his last result. I am waiting for rehabilitation.

Jean-Vincent Ubo: Mubaalegh (5) maintains an excellent behavior at a level that interests us. It is no longer presented in the fifth. He remains in good condition, ready to defend well again. I just hope that a track that is less flexible, especially since 1,200 meters represents its maximum resistance.

Gianluca Bietolini: Fayathaan (6) is running close because he didn’t come back “tired” from his last race, where he didn’t want to participate in the last round. His form looks good to me and his analyzes are good too. He will see the straight line of Chantilly already successful and I hope to see him behave normally.

Miss V. Head: Raysteve (7) has been equipped with blinders in Australia recently and it takes very little for him to win. This art has the expected effect, so we repeat the experiment, hoping that this time the victory will smile at us. Know that he remains in a very good state of form.

Eoghan-J. O’Neill: Petit Calvados (9) has improved well since May and hiding behind the leaders has also improved their performance on the last two occasions. It costs 36.5 (+ 4.5 kilos compared to the last time), but 2 kilos below its quotation in 2 years. He still has a chance.

Joeri Goossens: Baba Sim (10) returned to his distance and ran well on the proposed course. It is still in excellent condition. Here he has to face his seniors but I hope he will be in the top five.

Gina Rarick: Detesnouvelles (11) never ceases to please us. Reduced to weight, it just proved to us that it can stand in this class of the fifth. He is still good and, in the course of the race, I expect a good performance from him, even if he will face the elders again.

Ms Erika Mäder: Sassy Rascal (12) was chased by opponents last time. This failure is therefore forgivable. We travel again from Germany, because the filly remains in excellent condition, hoping to see her, this time, with a better pace and thus get a better result.

Henri-Alex Pantall: Head or Tail (13) is a bit difficult, a bit tense. It should really go well, but it wasn’t so bad last time, in Dieppe. He has the level of such a test.

Matthew Boutin: Lesslepasser (14) is a three-year-old who faces “old”. It has to prove itself in fifth specific races. In the morning, I like it. He can naturally do well, but still needs to find his feet at this level of competition.

Frederick Head: Al Ula (15) has very little or no weight margin. He deserves a low price for him to win, because he always gives the best. Here, as always, he will do his best and I hope to see him finish in the end.

Matthew Boutin: King Robbe (16) will have his ears pricked to let him through. We shortened the shot. I hope this time is better. He is a horse that appreciates soft trails.

A summary: 7-1-3-5-2-11-16-9 The press summary: 2 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 8 – 1 – 9 – 4

Equidia: 8-3-1-2-7-9-11-15
Europe 1: 2-8-5-7-1-3-11-13
The Parisian: 7-2-3-8-1-4-11-9
Alsace: 8-3-14-5-2-10-9-7
Paris Turf: 2-7-9-1-3-8-4-11

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