Camilla and Meghan, targets of violent attacks on TikTok since the death of Elizabeth II

The Queen Consort and the Duchess of Sussex, personalities that fluctuate in popularity in the United Kingdom, are the target of some social network users.

Each of their appearances is scrutinized, scrutinized, rejected. As the United Kingdom gets used to the new King Charles III, who has a warmer but less phlegmatic style than Elizabeth II, Queen Consort Camilla and Meghan Markle have been the target of vicious attacks on the Internet, especially on TikTok , says the Guardian.

So users of the social network celebrated the missteps and disappointments, real or imagined, of the former actress, who joined Harry in the tributes to Queen Elizabeth, since her death on September 8.

Montages, retouched photos…

On TikTok, some have dug up images of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and superimposed them with images of the queen, whose stern face seems embarrassed. “The Queen looks angry, Harry looks unhappy. Meghan?”, we can read in the caption of the sequence, “liked” 1.8 million times.

Some accounts make fun of her wanting to be like Princess Diana at all costs. “Everyone at the Queen’s funeral,” captioned the video. “And Meghan is dressed like Diana,” the user continued, with a photo taken out of context.

Another parody video shows a man emerging from a coffin to strangle another, and is captioned “The Queen when Meghan comes to pay her respects”. A photomontage of Meghan Markle is also circulating on Twitter, where we see the Duchess wearing a t-shirt with an image of the Smiths album, The Queen is dead. This is an old photo retouched with Photoshop, according to AFP.

Coming to the country and the life of the royal family with a high popularity rating, the Duchess became less popular there according to “megxit”, and the interviews she gave in the United States, were very critical of the royal family. . The tabloids, who often take the couple to court, are especially cruel to him.

Camilla versus Diana

The users of the popular social network of millennials no better for Camilla, the new queen consort. Here again, Diana’s parallels always come up. Many TikTok users compared Camilla’s and Diana’s body.

“The new queen,” captioned a slideshow of photos of the queen consort. “The real queen”, captioned photos of Diana. A publication “liked” more than 140,000 times.

Most of the attacks against Camilla revolve around this harsh comparison and refer to the long extra-marital relationship between Charles and Camilla. “The woman he cheated on”, Princess Diana, young and beautiful, against the one he cheated on her, Camilla.

The one who became queen consort is the most hated woman in Britain, the one blamed for Charles and Diana’s split.

The image of the retired royal family?

These attacks, which have a strong echo in social networks, may contribute to spoiling the image of the royal family in the minds of young users of social networks, notes the Guardian, Laura Clancy, media lecturer at Lancaster University.

“Although much (of this content) is not clearly anti-monarchy, it certainly creates a discourse around the monarchy in a way that is not defined by the official narrative,” he pointed out.

Especially since King Charles III came to the throne with a less positive image than his mother, which many Britons see as a sign and a guarantee of stability for the country. And if, according to a Yougov poll, three quarters of the British have a good impression of his first steps as sovereign, and think that he will “do a good job”, Charles III will have to prove himself and attract the younger generation and prove that the monarchy is still relevant.

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