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Find out the detailed summary of Tomorrow belongs to us in advance season 6 of episode 1278 broadcast on Wednesday September 21, 2022 on TF1. Dan hid the weapon and could not breathe that he filed a complaint at the hospital. Sacha is arrested, back in jail and Judith accepts Emma’s help at the farmhouse.

The complete recap of the DNA soap opera in the advanced episode of 09/21/2022. Find #TomorrowWeBelong spoilers in the preview, everything you need to know about the episode.

Is Sacha ready for a new round and his revenge on Martin? it’s possible!

Find the full summary at Tomorrow we have episode 1278 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday September 21, 2022 (see the summaries in advance of Tomorrow is ours ): the recap of the previous episode Tomorrow is ours from 20/09/2022 is online.

Sacha is arrested after the accident, he gives his gun to Martin and handcuffs are put on him. Lisa is doing well despite having some bruises and mostly in shock.

Sacha Girard was in a cell at the police station before the van took him to jail. Martin said he faces at least 20 years in prison. Sacha tells Martin that he should have shot…but Martin replies that he shouldn’t have given that pleasure.

Audrey takes Mathis to Dan’s, he has coffee but he tells her he’s in a hurry. Audrey tells Dan that she knows what’s going on at the hospital: she tells him that she shouldn’t have interfered with the ongoing process.

Lisa DNA

Martin meets Lisa’s sister, Amel

Leo dropped his bullet on Dan’s things: there was a small chest, inside there was a weapon. Audrey called them and they left.

Judith scolds Alex for not asking her opinion about little Emma. Alex said that it is not like Judith who will be upset about it. Chloe saw that Judith was more sensitive since her attack but felt that she had moved on.

Judith DNA

Judith and Emma work together in mas

Martin goes to the hospital to check on Lisa Hassan. Martin thanks Lisa for driving… otherwise he would have been killed. Amel, Lisa’s brother, arrives, he meets Martin.

Dan Mazure goes to Benjamin at the hospital to tell him that he will make things right with Mathis. He apologizes for hurting her. Benjamin said he will not press charges.

Emma offers Judith to help her with more since Jordan is away. Judith was not very nice to Emma or indulgent…but gradually the atmosphere improved.

tristan dna

Tristan consoles Sacha

Victoire comes to see Lisa in the hospital, this is her doctor… she can be released. Victoire is happy to see Amel again.

Renaud decided to file a complaint against Dan Mazure. He filed a complaint against the board of directors who wanted to make an example of this situation.

The prosecutor must make an announcement in the case of Sacha Girard in front of the journalists: he confirmed the release of the recidivist from harm. He takes all the credit for the operation.

Jordan and Jack sat together. Jordan agreed to take it

Tomorrow we have episode 1278 on September 21, 2022: Who is Dan?

Sara calls Dan: he thinks that Benjamin is responsible for filing this complaint even though Sara explains that it is not from him but from the board of directors of the hospital.

Benjamin DNA

Drama for Benjamin: who shot him?

Victoire is upset that Lisa and Amel returned to Paris. The girls plan to leave by train because Lisa’s car has broken down.

Sylvain and Alex are at Tristan’s side who are satisfied with Sacha’s arrest. All 3 plan a sea trip to clear their minds.

Tristan admits that he wants his brother dead, it will be easier for Juliette, Gaspard…
Benjamin finished his call, drove his car to the hospital parking lot and took a bullet through the windshield. He lost consciousness and his head fell on the steering wheel, the horn went off.

Sasha DNA

End of journey for Sacha

Tomorrow’s highlights are ours from September 21, 2022: what to remember

– The board of directors filed a complaint against Dan Mazure
– Benjamin picks up a bullet in the hospital parking lot
– Sacha is finally arrested
– Lisa is fine in the accident, but her brother Amel joins her because he is worried
– Dan has a gun
– Judith and Emma get along on the farm

Our opinion

the +

  • Sacha was caught, good thing… but we feel we will see him again in another part of his adventure;))
  • Tristan is back in the country ;))
  • New plot launched entitled “Justices” with Benjamin, Dan, Mathis, Léo and Audrey especially
  • Amel was successful when he entered the series, he had a little thing with Soraya


  • Lisa Hassan is very well after the accident as Sacha without a single scratch

Main Cast

Ingrid Chauvin, Alexandre Brasseur, Maud Baecker, Samy Gharbi, Solène Hebert, Hector Langevin, Franck Monsigny

Duration of episodes (usually)


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