Benjamin Castaldi at the “end of financial life”? He finally cleared things up with TPMP!

A few days ago, Benjamin Castaldi shocked the audience by revealing that there is “end of financial life”. Following the reactions of the public, the host wants explain things about his financial situation. We tell you everything he said.

startling revelations

Despite a successful career, Simon Castaldi’s father continues to face money problem. A difficulty that Benjamin discussed several times on the set of “TPMP”.

In February 2022, for example, he confessed that his banker “Let’s go very low” at one point. This is today’s columnist in financial difficulty.

“It involved my fall of 2.8 million euros in overdraft,” he said.

Then, at the beginning of September 2022, Benjamin Castaldi talking about the same topic againalways on “Don’t Touch My TV”.

The columnist revealed at that time that he is “end of financial life in fifteen days”. He then explained that he had a deadline that he could not meet “honor” because one of his friends told him “offered bail which he did not make him”.

Revelations of many fans will react on “Don’t Touch My TV”.

Benjamin Castaldi clears things up

After revealing that “end of financial life”Benjamin Castaldi received many attacks against him. So, this Friday, September 16, 2022, Simon Castaldi’s father wants to clarify things regarding his financial situation.

“Rest assured, everything is fine,” he said at first.

Continuing, he again discussed his deadlines that he had to deal with soon. He also determined that for 5 years nowhe had to deal with debts, including the one about Banijay.

However “It can get stuck”according to his words, Benjamin Castaldi still wants to commitment to his fans.

“Don’t worry, I still have a roof over my head and something to eat, I hope,” he said.

If ever Benjamin Castaldi end of the road and nothing to eat, he went to talk to Cyril Hanouna. At least that’s what he said laughing. In conclusion, the columnist confirmed that he is not bothered by the critics and we can continue the attack if we want.

He was with them when they met

Faced with his financial problems, Benjamin Castaldi can count on the support of his family. Of course he can trust his partnerAurore Aleman, with whom he shared his life for eight years.

visitor to “In Jordan” for Télé-Loisirs, in June 2022, the wife of the historian of “TPMP” returned to their first meeting. At that time, Benjamin was still working as an animator at TF1. As for his wife, she manages the castings of shows like “Secret Story”.

Aurore went through a difficult breakup soon after meeting the father of his son. Then he decided to consult a clairvoyant. The latter told her at that moment that she would meet the man of her life in the next few days.

If Aurore Aleman Thought it was the actor Keanu Reeves, it appears that the prophet was referring to Benjamin Castaldi. The latter, in fact, crossed the path of his lover a few days after the latter saw a clairvoyant.

“We were fighting and our lips were touching like a beautiful romantic comedy,” said Aurore Aleman.

The day after this love at first sight, Benjamin Castaldi sent a text message to Aurore. Even the young woman trying not to winAurore ended up having a relationship with the columnist.

Just a few months into their relationship, they both got word tattoos “Eternity”. Aurore also wrote the letter “B” to mention the initials of his beloved in his body.

The two lovebirds later talk to each other “yes” in 2016 and have fruit of their love. In fact, their son, Gabriel, was born on August 27, 2020 and made both parents very happy.

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