Anaïs modernizes a recipe from her sister, Charlène accuses her of cheating – This is where it all started September 21, 2022 (episode 492) | This is where it all begins

Find out the detailed summary of Here it all begins in advance season 3 with episode 492 aired on Wednesday September 21, 2022 on TF1. Laetitia finds it hard to digest that Guillaume did not leave her a note about his departure. Anaïs wins thanks to the inspiration of a recipe from Mathieu, Charlène is convinced that Anaïs has plagiarized someone.

Complete recap of ITC soap opera 09/21/2022 episode with spoilers #HereEverything Begins in preview, everything you need to know.

Souvenir of Anaïs and her brother Mathieu

Find the full summary atThis is where it all started episode 492 broadcast on TF1 on Wednesday September 21, 2022 (see summaries ahead of This is where it all began ): the recap of the previous episode Here everything starts from 20/09/2022 is online.

Anaïs tells Lisandro that he got up early.. but he says that nothing bothers him, he is more sleepy. According to Anaïs, she was just afraid of Chef Meyer’s taste. Lisandro had the impression that there was something else.
When Lisandro leaves, Anaïs watches a birthday video with Mathieu: she cries where he offers her the famous empty notebook so she can write her recipes.

Laetitia is back from training, Kelly is happy. She tells Rose that she has become a premium assistant. Laetitia was shocked, she didn’t notice Guillaume’s resignation. Kelly said nothing because she was convinced that Guillaume had tipped her off.

Kelly this is where it all started

Kelly asks her little bunny Lionel for help to surprise Laetitia

Guillaume decided to accompany his son Jérémy to Australia.

Meyer this is where it all started

The tasting of Meyer and Rose

Anaïs decided to repeat Mathieu’s beef bourguignon recipe in vegetarian mode. Anaïs will only take inspiration from Mathieu’s recipe…Salomé and David encourage her.

Kelly tells Lionel that she wants to organize a surprise for Laetitia who is sad after Guillaume’s departure. Having lunch with Tony at the coffee-shop will help him reboost.

Lisandro comes to see Salomé because he finds Anaïs a bit slippery now. Salomé says she thinks it’s related to the Meyer module. Lisandro said he was worried about Anaïs. Salomé tries to reassure him without revealing her secret.

Ambre is drunk so that Louis Guinot has a class. Jasmine thought she would be fine, in fact, she was small …but with her we are growing. Amber thinks it’s going to be rocky** with Louis because he’s now a starter: he’s overconfident.
Louis decided to have the students work with Auguste Armand’s recipes but without the recipes (you have to copy the dishes without the recipes). Furthermore, he wanted the students to talk to him because he was not yet 100 years old. Students struggle with the test. Louis decided to continue the course to perfect the dish…it had to be repeated as many times as needed.

Laetitia this is where it all started

Laetitia found Tony at the coffee-shop

Meyer tasted Anaïs’s dish, he said it was very promising to make. He said it was high level. Charlène sees Anaïs’s notebook, she sees that it is not her handwriting…she is accused of plagiarism.

Laetitia smiled again with her friends and her daughter in the coffee-shop. She says that life is beautiful … and Guillaume’s departure will allow her to turn the page.

Anaïs explains to Salomé that Lisandro is overprotective…she is afraid of the reaction if she talks to him about Mathieu. Salomé thinks that it will be difficult to keep Lisandro away from this story. Anaïs is not ready to talk about Mathieu.

Anaïs ITC

Anaïs squeezed her sister’s notebook in her hands as she waited for the results

Laetitia pretends to drink in the coffee-shop. He admits to Kelly that he prefers to be alone. Laetitia has trouble digesting Guillaume’s departure. Kelly wonders if Tony won’t change his mind.
Laetitia asks her son to stay out of her love life… she is his mother.

This is where it all begins episode 492 of September 21, 2022: Anaïs vs Charlène it gets complicated

Chef Meyer’s Tasting: Charlène is disappointing. Anaïs displayed her dish, she didn’t want to say what was behind it. He explained that he had an illness that he wanted to bury. Anaïs says that she is proud of her dish: she managed to keep her secret.

Rose and Chef Meyer decided to crown 2 candidates: Salomé and Anaïs tied. A final round will take place tomorrow to decide between the finalists. Charlène tells Anaïs that she won’t let him go and show everyone that she copied someone’s recipe.

Laetitia this is where it all started

Laetitia and Kelly now have a mother-daughter relationship

Highlights of Here it all starts from September 21, 2022: what to remember

– Charlène is jealous of the loss, she wants to prove that Anaïs cheated
– Laetitia is back, it’s not easy ​​to know that Guillaume left without saying goodbye
– Lisandro is worried about Anaïs
– Chef Meyer validates the 2 winners Salomé and Anaïs, a final test will decide between them
– Anaïs was inspired by a recipe from her sister for the Meyer module

Our opinion


the +

  • The mother-daughter relationship of Laetitia / Kelly is normalized. This is in line with the evolution of the character of Laetitia (Florence Coste), she told Télé 15 jours that little by little her character was brought closer to her with a strong side, sparkling with a touch of madness.
  • Guillaume in Australia with Jérémy: a hope that he will return because the actor who played Jérémy (Pierre Hurel) is back
  • Louis will soon be worse than Teyssier…delicious!


  • Charlene is the jealous plague as always!

Main Cast

Agustin Galiana, Benjamin Baroche, Fabian Wolfrom, Aurélie Pons, Nicolas Anselmo, Elsa Lunghini, Frédéric Diefenthal, Terence Telle

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Continue the summary This is where it all started episode 493 from Thursday, September 22, 2022 with a focus on soap opera star actors like the actor Benjamin Baroc who plays chef Emmanuel Teyssier, director of the Auguste Armand Institute, Aurelie Pons who plays Salomé, a young graduate, Axel played by Thomas DaCosta who played Teyssier’s nephew and Elsa Lungini in the role of chef Clotilde Armand as well Nicholas Anselmo who played Eliott.

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