5 Best AI Generators to Create Images from Text

Currently, text-to-image generators, based on artificial intelligence (AI), such as DALL-E 2, are becoming more popular. In addition to their ability to create images, they can also form works with artistic features.

For art and technology enthusiasts, this type of tool is a real cross between these two worlds. Some of you may think that using this technology must be expensive. In fact, the use of many of these artificial intelligences are free, despite some constraints. To gain access to more options, customers may need to pay or complete some kind of challenge. In this way, companies allow the general public to take advantage of this technology. Here are some of the tools that give you free access to many features.

1- Wombo’s dream

Wombo’s dream is a mobile app It is very convenient for creating digital art through artificial intelligence. An Internet version of the tool also allows creating images from text. However, this one is mainly designed to let you test the tool. In fact, the Dream by Wombo website has fewer options than the Android and iOS versions.

At the service level, this platform available to all users. You just need to register to create images from your own words.

This text-to-image generator works like any other artificial intelligence of its kind. You just need to insert a text in the dedicated section to create an image or a work of art. However, it has another function. This allows you toinsert the picture that will be used artificial intelligence as a basis. In this case, you can reduce or increase the effect of the photo in the final result.

Dream of Wombo, one of the best image makers

In addition, you can personalize each image thanks to many creative designs available. Artificial intelligence can, for example, adopt designs such as Ghibli, Robots, Dark Fantasy, Love or even Phychic.

Wombo’s dream has a definite advantage. It offers the possibility of create an endless works when you have an account. Of course, you can download the images you want.

2- Starry AI

Star AI is another AI-based text-to-image generator that provides the ability to illustrate your words with images. Like the previous one, it offers free access in his service. However, the platform imposes some restrictions to the user. It must be said that this tool offers little more customizations than before. Grain control is one of the options and it makes every image more special.

Starry AI offers three types of artificial intelligence on its platform. The first, Altair, produces dreamlike images. In other words, he has a more abstract style. The second, “Orion”offers an alternative more agreeable with his side “false truth”. the end, “Argo”specifically programmed to create made more artistic.

Apart from algorithms, this tool offers different art styles as well as the possibility of changing the image size. Like the previous one, Starry AI lets youinsert the picture to use it as a basis to create the image. This last method is a way to make a job more personal.

Starry AI, one of the best image makers

In addition, the platform has a credit system which provides access to additional features. You can, for example, extend the time which is taken by artificial intelligence to process your request. This option usually gives users a better rendering.

Credits can also be used when downloading works you have created. In fact, you should use the credits on improve resolution of the image and thus have a better quality rendering. This way, you can use it in different projects or publish it on your social networks.

In addition, the creators of Starry AI offer the possibility of using these many functions without spending a penny. To do this, the platform offers you challenges such as share your creations on social networks. According to the website, this offer is valid for Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and TikTok. Thanks to this, you can earn up to 17 credits per day. Yes, you counted correctly, five additional tokens are offered every day.

3- Night Cafe

NightCafe also a very practical and easy-to-use text-to-image generator. This tool also offers three algorithms so you can enjoy different renderings. These are algorithms Artistic, constant and Firm.

As its name suggests, the first An algorithm is an artificial intelligence designed especially in creating art. According to the tool’s website, this algorithm is mostly used to create beautiful works from descriptive text. You should note, however, that the resulting creations often have unusual logic. Pictures does not conform to the laws of physics that we know.

When it comes to the Coherent algorithm, its concept is the opposite of the first one. This usually allows users to create pictures that “Actually obeying the laws of physics”. The website points out that many of the top artists on the platform use this artificial intelligence.

NightCafe, one of the best image makers

the end, the Stable algorithm, is NightCafe’s latest release. If you are looking to create images with more consistency, it is the most consistent. During the design of this artificial intelligence, NightCafe was inspired by other advanced technologies such as Imagen and DALL-E 2.

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When creating an image, the tool also offers you to activate advanced options. It allows, among other things, the modification of aspect ratio as well his resolution thanks for credits. However, you can download your creation at a lower resolution.

Additionally, you can also change how long the AI ​​has to process the prompt (the text). This will allow the tool to make better pictures. You can even measure how well the AI ​​should agree with the text you enter.

Also, you have the option of evolve your old creatures, that is, to improve it. In this case, the NightCafe website suggests the Coherent algorithm. Most of these options require credits.

4- DALL-E Mini or Craiyon

Crayons formerly known as DALL-E Mini. However, its operation has not changed much and his exploitation remains free. This text-to-image generator was created by OpenAI which is currently designing DALL-E 2. Currently, OpenAI is beta testing this artificial intelligence.

DALL-E Mini, one of the best image generators

Returning to Craiyon, this is a less detailed version of DALL-E 2. However, this is not very useful. To take advantage of DALL-E Mini features, you do not need to create an account. Plus, you can do as many works as you like. To keep Craiyon free to use, the managers decided to use ads to pay for their servers.

To generate the images you requested, the AI ​​of Crayons based on information from the web. Concretely, he learned to make photographs through first refers to the description of images on the Internet. Therefore, artificial intelligence can create quite strange images depending on the words you choose.

DALL-E Mini does not work like other text-to-image generators. Instead of providing opportunities for job advancement, he offers nine. You just have to choose, the ones you like, to keep it on your device.

5- Pixray

Pixray a particular image-to-text generator with an interface reminds of that which is used to code. When you study computer science, you have the opportunity to apply your knowledge.

Pixray, one of the best image generators

Of course, even people who know nothing about this field can take advantage of Pixray. The truth is that basically using it and only asks you to fill the section “quick”. Here you need to put simple keywords or phrases to turn into images. From then on, you can create pictures from text.

Besides, Pixray offers another section named “Drawer” which refers to the artistic style. You have seven different choices is up to you, but you can also choose not to put anything.

Finally, there is the section “Settings” which allows users to go anyway in addition to personalization in their works. If you are not computer literate, this can be useful quite complicated.

To inspire youoffered on the website examples which shows the parameters used with the result. This way, you can already have ideas on how to create your images. Help with websites (mostly in English) is also available on the web to facilitate the exploitation of this last field.

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