Top 11 Little Quirks Of Charles III In England He Demanded The New King

Obviously, being famous gives you the right to have certain demands, as shown by the stars who have impossible whims and the unbearable actors on the set. And that, Charles III of England understood this very well growing up, because as the former staff told the Amazon documentary Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm and in various books about the royal family, the new king is always in high demand. And it hasn’t been done since he was on the throne, surprisingly.

1. That his pajamas are washed and ironed every morning

I can’t say how many pajamas Charles III had in his wardrobe, but he must have changed a lot every 24 hours. On the other hand, my brave Charles, haven’t you heard that this is the end of abundance really?? Do you think everyone can build machines like this every day??

2. That his shoelaces are ironed before he puts on his shoes

I… Well, I… Really… Not the words. Why? Why???

3. Put two centimeters of toothpaste on your toothbrush

No 1.9. No 2.1. Not 12. But 2 cm. Imagine that a man was hired to measure the length of the toothpaste placed on the king’s snag brush. Finally, we can easily achieve full employment if we all work together. I just love chlorophyll toothpaste.

4. That his bathtub is half filled with lukewarm water only and the drain is in a fixed position

For a half-full bath and the water is only lukewarm, we understand, it’s not nice to drown your tiles because you filled your bath, everything comes out only two minutes because the water is finally too hot. But for the plug, frankly, we don’t see anything. Maybe trauma in 007, if not no idea (do you have it??).

5. That we bring his furniture when he goes on vacation

When Charles III of England visits people (like his distant cousins), he always brings with him some of his possessions such as his bed, photographs ornaments and other furniture from his small house. The man moves every ten minutes.

6. That you take your toilet seat and your favorite PQ with you when you travel

I don’t think I’d go too far in saying that as far as hygiene is concerned, good old Charles is a bit psycho-rigid. Always when he left to move, Charles III asked us to take his glass from the toilet so we wouldn’t sit on someone else’s glass. To make matters worse, he also asked to always have his favorite PQ, Kleenex Velvet, with him. We get the idea, but honestly, grandma shouldn’t be pushed around with corgis.

7. That his breakfast box with complete formula follows him everywhere

Our little prince, finally king now, is not the type to get up at 9:30 in the morning to buy his Treasures of Kellogs at the local Super U. No, he has to prepare his breakfast from home when he arrived, with his homemade roll, his small bowl of fresh fruit, and his small squeezed fruit juice. And when he goes on vacation, he must have his breakfast box, which contains six different types of honey, a special muesli and dried fruit. It’s okay, he doesn’t like creamer’s butter either?

8. That his cheese and crackers are heated to a certain temperature

Charles is a bit like this 7 month old baby who just wants to eat what he wants, in the form and at the temperature he wants. This is why, at the end of his meal, he must always have a warming trolley close at hand in which to place his cheese and biscuits, preheated. No but oh, he doesn’t want us to change his salad?

9. That her eggs cook in less than three minutes

In order not to be deceived, the king’s cook prepared six for him every morning so that he would be spoiled for choice. No, but she thinks she’s the Queen of England Charles or something??

10. That his office is always polished

Yes, as he showed on September 10, 2022 when he ascended the throne, Charlou does not like it when his office is messy.

11. May the inks be erased from the planet forever

Just like his little mama who wanted her newspaper ironed every morning so her hands wouldn’t get ink dirty, Charles III didn’t like having stained minis either. In any case, this is what he explained to everyone when signing a guestbook in Belfast during his visit to Northern Ireland. Ouinnnnn, I have black ones.

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