the terrible secrets of Kheira Hamraoui after his brutal attack!

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Started last November, the Kheira Hamraoui event continues to get people talking. This Friday, Aminata Diallo was also presented to a judge before being charged with aggravated violence and criminal association as part of the investigation into the attack on her former teammate at PSG. After ten months of investigation and recent shocking revelations, Kheira Hamraoui decided to break the silence. In a long message published on his Twitter account, he recounted in particular the hell that he experienced this evening on November 4, 2021 where many people violently attacked him with iron bars.

“After very long months of suffering, I decided to come out of silence. I will never forget this night of November 4, 2021. It haunts me day and night. This dark night that changed my personal and professional life, my life as a woman and as a footballer. On this sad night when I thought I was going to die when two hooded men forced me out of a car. They beat me with iron bars, mainly targeting my lower body. That night, their goal was simple: to remove my work tool through extreme violence by breaking my legs and ending my career.first introduced the French international before criticizing the media’s treatment of this event.

“Their goal was simple: to remove my work equipment through extreme violence by breaking my legs and ending my career.”

“After this oh so traumatic experience that turned into a complete injustice, I became the victim of a shocking media cabal with the aim of damaging my image and my private life. The purpose is to divert public opinion from truth: I am a victim. Certainly not guilty, except perhaps for confining myself to the silence that suits my modesty. And allowing a media buzz of unbelievable violence to take hold that destroys us, my people dear and me. For long months after my attack, I was unfairly insulted on the pitch, harassed on social media and threatened with death. However, I tried with all my might to keep my passion and stay professionally. This period is definitely one of the most difficult in my life as a woman and as a top athlete. Especially because of the adventure with the France team, which is very important for me , it is already written that I do not exist..

Away from the Blues but willing to do anything to get justice, Hamraoui now hopes to focus on his football and that this case will finally be solved. As a reminder, Aminata Diallo, was appointed as the “sponsor of violence to allow him to occupy the position of victim in future competitions”arrested, placed in police custody and charged, this Friday, because of “aggravated violence” and “conspiracy”. “Today, I trust justice to bring out the truth and my honor to be washed away. I can’t wait for my name to be associated only with the sports pages again and leave the legal columns.then added the 32-year-old player before ending this long message with many thanks.

“I could not have endured these painful times without the unwavering support of my family and loved ones. I also sincerely thank my lawyer Julia Minkowski, my agents Sonia Souid and Patrick Esteves, my communications advisors Teddy Pessot and Ahmed Eddarraz. Without their help, I wouldn’t have found the resources to get my head above water. I would have sunk in the weight of this event. My career goal has always been to be a professional player who gives his best on the pitch while respecting his public and teammates. I wish with all my heart to fulfill my dream as a little girl for a long time. What I have experienced in recent months is a very good life lesson. Now I want to rediscover the joy of the green rectangle. And keep winning. Because if there is one thing that has not changed since that tragedy: it is my ambition for me and my country. Kheira Hamraoui.

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