Pro D2: Agen receives a lesson in realism from Colomiers

Master of the ball throughout the game, the penalty was less than Colomiers, Agen surrendered again against Colomiers.

Very quickly, we are worried about SUA. We know Bernard Goutta’s men are easy to get along with and lack realism in brand areas. If in the alignment, Antoine Erbani reigned, his team wasted many opportunities. Without stigmatizing, Jean-Marcellin Buttin, in the first act, is the perfect illustration. Two great breakthroughs for the Agenais back, but also two completely missed passes in the closing stages.

Sporting had the ball a lot in the first half, but didn’t know how to use it well. On the contrary, the Colomiers bet on seizing work. But with their only two entries into the Lot-et-Garonne camp in the first half, Jean Thomas’ teammates scored. Through a drop from Maxime Javaux first (6th), and a strong attempt from the strong Pierre-Samuel Pacheco (0-10, 21st).

Agen cannot completely reverse the trend

A score that made a mess for an Agen team that had already lowered their flag two weeks ago against Grenoble in Armandie. So Bernard Goutta came down from the stands. Is it the close presence of their manager that energizes the “blue and white”? They are, in any case, more agile and sharp. Lagarde first made another foray to 22 meters (33rd), and USC found themselves down to 14.

Then the SUA pulled a big general move. After a touchdown, the forwards “tap” into midfield. Quickly spotted outside off, Tevita Railevu bowled with the defenders. The new fastball outing and Malik Hamadache ran for 22 yards. And Iban Etcheverry reminded Armandie of his qualities as a finisher (8-10, 37th). Agen could have knocked out Colomiers in the last action after the ball returned from his hinge, but in the end the action was stopped by a forward.

100% Javaux

Have flies changed donkeys? They take a long time to choose in any case. If Agen seemed to dominate the game, Colomiers always showed inexplicable realism (11-16, 60th). Agen responded with a penalty which was finished off by the force of the forwards and Zak Farrance to score for the first time in the game (62nd).

As in the Montauban derby, the gap in the final points will be played on pocket handkerchiefs. Javaux and Vincent answered each other for the end of the fight (21-19, 75th).
But in the game of realism last night, Colomiers was the best. Penalized twice as much as SUA, Haut-Garonnais scored in almost every one of their attacks on the opposing camp. At 100%, Javaux passed three new points.

At the siren, Agen had no choice and began a mad climb from its 22 meters. Reaching thirty meters from the posts, Goutta’s players immediately looked for the winning penalty. But the referee of the meeting decided to raise his arm in the other direction for his final whistle.

SUA still hasn’t won in Armandie. Ne will achieve his goal of 12 points in this first block. And the alarm bell must be rung before moving to Rouen.


The MT : 8-10; 5,433 viewers.
Arbitrator: Herve Lasausa Lespy Labaylette.
Evolution of the score: 0-3, 0-10, 3-10, 8-10; 8-13, 11-13, 11-16, 18-16, 18-19, 21-19, 21-22.
Winners: 1 E Pacheco (21); 1T Javaux; 4 P Javaux (49, 60, 68, 78); 1 D Javaux (6).
defeated: 2E Etcheverry (37), Farrance (62); 1T Vincent (62); 3 P Lagarde (33, 56), Vincent (75).
AGENT: Buttin (Lamoulie, 53); Railevu, Lafond, Ramoka, Etcheverry; (o) Lagarde (Vincent, 59), (m) Idjellidaine (Takulua, 59); Farré (cap), Devergie (Lokotui, 53), Erbani; Olmstead (Farrance, 61), Maksymiw; Hamadache (Burin, 64), Sosene-Feagaï (Zarantonello, 53), Guion (Lombard-Buret, 53).
COLORBIER: Auriac (Girard, 61); Rokoduguni, Moro (Deysel, 53), Campagnaro, Saurs (Moro, 68); (o) Javaux, (m) Gori (Galthié, 61); Dastugue, Peysson (Lescure, 53), Pacheco; Granouillet (Ricard, 53), Thomas (cap); Sheklashvili (Bellemand, 41), Ready (Larrieu, 53), Tartas (Djehi, 53).
Exp. Temp. : Campagnaro (32)
The score of the game: 12/20.
The best: Florent GUION (Agent), Pierre-Samuel PACHECO, Maxime JAVAUX (Colomiers).

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