Justine Cordule (big families) collapsed: terrible news for the 7th pregnancy …

The Cordule Tribe The audience was surprised by their big comeback “Big families: life in XXL”. The latter discovered that the mother of the family was pregnant with another child. Today, Justine and Steve are happy parents of seven children.

The new episodes of the reality TV show witnessed the end of Justine’s pregnancy. In the episode of Wednesday September 14 last, the influencer mom has her last ultrasound. The couple did immediately startling revelations in this seventh pregnancy.

A brain cyst

However Steve and Justine already mentioned that no longer intend to raise a family, surprise fell. When she announced her pregnancy, the mom said it wasn’t part of their program, but they were happy to welcome the baby.

The Cordules of “big family” looking forward to meeting you little Lyson. That said, the couple needs to digest another news during the second ultrasound.

“On the second echo, everything collapsed,” Justine said

Justine Cordule explains it all “big family”. During the second ultrasound, the midwife announced that the baby had health problems. Justine and her husband found out that their child is here a brain cyst. The father of the family explained that they thought the worst after that shock.

“The danger of a brain cyst is that the cyst takes up volume and puts the brain under pressure”, explains Steeve Cordule.

He said everything “Many families”.

By relating this event to “big family”, Justine’s tears fell. Lucky things progress. In the seventh month of pregnancy, the Cordule couple again did the necessary tests to find out what was wrong. with the child.

The results of the examinations show that the child is fine. A few weeks later, Justine gave birth to her seventh child. Little Lyson born on March 12, 2022 end with a weight of 4,360 kilos. Fans of the show “big family” saw the little boy grow up.

Now, the baby girl is six months old. Not long ago, Justine Cordule mentioned that she received criticism for the way she managed of his daughter. The latter answered them while thinking of other mothers who had crossed over same experience What.

Justine encourages mothers to enjoy every moment. According to her Instagram post, moms should bring their babies if that’s what they want to do. Mothers are free to set any color be pink or blue for her child.

They alone are in charge and decide what is good or not for their child. Great message to mothers who receive criticism of education or physical their children.

Olivier Gayat on a trip

Also, a father on the show “big family” announced his trip to Istanbul. This is about by Olivier Gayat who flew to Turkey to fulfill his dream.

The latter announced the his Instagram story that he was on his way to fix his teeth. Olivier Gayat embarks on an adventure in Turkey. He called on the services of a French translator to take full advantage on his journey.

The most important thing is that he can talk with his surgeon. The head of the Gayat family came GETTING with his wife Soukdavone. As he tells his story, the father of nine posts videos of his trip.

Apart from the jaw x-ray that he did, Olivier Gayat and his wife made the most of the trip to visit the capital. The couple is away from their children who remain in France.

Their daughter Olivia, who gave birth little boy, taking care of Jade and Nolane. As for Olivier’s subscribers, many are interested to know what this intervention is change his face.

Some don’t seem to enthusiastic about the idea. One surfer even said that he no longer finds the Gayat family interesting. According to the latter, before, it was a humble and simple tribe, but now they are making in surgery and reveal themselves.

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