Here are the French who will receive the unique energy assessment of at least €100 by the end of 2022!

For now, meteoric inflation continues to claim victims. In fact, many households fail at the end of the month after paying the significant amount. Expenses such as water, electricity or gas. All prices experienced unprecedented increases. The government is already trying to curb this increase. In fact, the French government introduced a tariff shield for the benefit of the population. gold, from January 2023, the government’s energy shield tariff will be reduced. Because of this, the price will increase by 15%, as announced by Elisabeth Borne, this Wednesday, September 14. So energy bills will be paid to 12 million French households this winter. And this, in an attempt to cope with rising prices. We tell you everything!

A unique energy assessment

In order to relief to the poorest households, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced on Wednesday that extraordinary energy checks will be paid to 12 million French households. And this, at the end of the year to offset the increase in gas and electricity prices. The total cost of operation representing approximately 1.8 billion euros and remains the responsibility of the State.

It is not the French in a state of fuel poverty that should be based on efforts said Elisabeth Borne. This check varies from 100 euros for a couple with two children and a net income of 3,000 euros. And climbingfor 200 euros for a single mother with two children who earns the minimum wage, according to the head of government. Energy analysis can also be used for heating oil or wood. And this, as stated by the Minister of Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

In more detail, the energy audit of 200 euros will benefit the poorest 20% of households. Meanwhile households in deciles 3 and 4, between the poorest 20% and the richest 60%, will receive an energy check worth 100 euros.

An inadequate gesture?

However, according to the consumer defense association CLCV, this move remains insufficient. In fact, this association is expected greater revaluation of the energy check and extension of the middle strata. The energy assessment can be between 200 euros and 600 euros depending on the income “.

In 2022, the energy bill, worth 48 to 277 euros, will concern 5.8 million French households. The government has already sent them the first extraordinary check for 100 euros in December 2021. And this, to deal with the increase in energy prices. This check will specifically allow for achieve better identification of households in immediate need.

A 15% price increase

This unique new energy analysis will contribute to limit the effects of reducing the tariff shield from 2023. Regulated electricity and gas tariffs will increase by 15%. This increase will start in January in the case of gas and from February for electricity. This increase corresponds on average to a bill increase of approximately 25 euros per month for households that heat with gas. And the increase of 20 euros for the contents of electricity. This increase represents 8 to 9 times lower than if the prices set were in line with the market. This increase in regulated energy prices affects all houses and condominiums. The same goes for social housing, small businesses and even small towns.

We know that this increase of 15%, even instead of 120%, is insignificant for many French people. “, scolded Elisabeth Borne. ” This is the commitment we make. The difference is not in consumer bills. In 2024, or later, it will be taken over by the State “, he confessed. According to Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, this new tariff shield will cost 16 billion euros. ” To be completely precise, it will cost 11 billion euros for gas and 5 billion for electricity “, so explained the Minister of Economy. Since October 2021, gas prices are frozen and increase in electricity prices not more than 4%.

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