Exoprimal Preview: our TGS preview of a 100% action game to share and watch!

Preview Exoprimal: our TGS preview of a 100% action game to share and watch!

Japan is the promised land to see the emergence of crazy and interesting video game concepts, and Exoprimal is proof of that. Announced in March 2022 during a State of Play, this “made in” Capcom multiplayer action game pits exoskeletons against dinosaurs…that’s all. Here are our first impressions of this UFO from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Preview the Terms

During the Tokyo Game Show 2022, Capcom made a demo of the next action game available to visitors. JV’s editorial team discovered Exoprimal’s “Jurassic Survival” mode during a 35-minute session on PC.

The 21st century or the Jurassic period

It’s not always necessary to contextualize a concept, especially when it combines futuristic armor and dinosaurs for a player versus player versus environment experience. Capcom decided in a different way with Exoprimal and gave his third-person shooter in a futuro-prehistoric context where only the Bis cinema (or B series) has the secret. Exoprimal lays the foundations of its universe, and develops a story that is mainly rooted in a mode called “Jurassic Survival” and of which here is the official synopsis:

Here we are in 2040… Dinosaurs are taking over the world. The survival of humanity is threatened… But all is not lost: the Aibius company has developed a hyper-advanced AI, called Leviathan, capable of predicting the location of future invasions. With this technology, combined with Aibius’ revolutionary mechanical armor, humanity has a chance to neutralize these prehistoric hordes. But to pilot these exoskeletons, you need exocombatants. Pass the exocombatant aptitude test and join the heroic pilots of Aibius in their fight against the extinction of mankind. – Capcom

It is difficult if not impossible for us at this stage (post demo) to express any opinion on the plot and much less on the integration of a real narrative into a basic multiplayer experience. One thing is for sure, Exoprimal shows true narrative ambitions, as evidenced by the palette of colorful characters that make up the patrol unit “Hammerhead” and of which the hero “Ace” is a part, or even Leviathan, a very cunning artificial intelligence. You have to survive this new Jurassic era to find out the end of the story.

Exoskeletons and Dinosaurs

Exoprimal is a coopetitive (cooperative and competitive) multiplayer action game to be played from 1 to 10 players and opponents of two teams of 5 exocombatants (or less). The “Jurassic Survival” mode invites players to complete several consecutive objectives before the opposing squad inside closed environments and filled with dinosaurs (T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor , Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus – TGS 2022). According to the Capcom teams, these missions vary randomly, whether in terms of scenery or missions to complete, which should increase the replayability of the title. In addition, the game has the flexibility to alternate between parallel objectives, rounds of Players vs. Players and even sequences of Players vs. Environment when facing a strong enemy.

After choosing your exoskeleton from the 8 available (Murasame, Skywave, Deadeye, Zephyr, Roadblock, Witchdoctor, Barrage, Vigilant – TGS 2022) and divided into 3 categories (Assault, Tank, Support), it’s time to enter in the arena. Exoprimal is an intuitive action game just waiting to be picked up to show it off. It will come out of the battles that are a simple pleasure, to make the speech of the power of the armor to kill under a pyrotechnic rain the whole legion of dinosaurs with his teammates. Capcom has put cooperation at the center of an experience designed to be shared, although it’s possible to live it alone. Note that creatures pay for a summary “artificial” intelligence by sheer force of numbers.

Although the customization of exoskeletons is not on the agenda of this TGS 2022, it should be noted thatExoprimal offers a full range of cosmetics (armor and suit skins, stickers, etc.) to customize your armor to the future you want. It is also possible improving the performance of exoskeletons through modules that provide various in-game advantages (fast reload, etc.) as well as additional skills. Customization even comes to the main protagonist of the game, which is Ace, through the character creator.

Exoprimal: our TGS preview of a 100% action game to share and watch!

Our impressions

Exoprimal is one of the good surprises of TGS 2022. This action game could be on the way to winning the bet, which is to offer a strong and explosive multiplayer experience based on an atypical concept… About Exoskeletons vs. Dinosaurs.

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