Dennis Schroder of the Lakers… shall we open the Russell Westbrook file?

The news dropped shortly after Germany’s defeat last night in the Euro semi-finals. Really? He literally fell while Dennis Schroder was shampooing, thinking back to this diabolical Spanish team: towards the Lakers for the supersonic leader, who as expected took advantage of this extraordinary Euro to change the icing and the at the same time looking for a job. NBA. Reaction #1? Very, we are happy for him. Reaction #2? What about… Russell Westbrook, whose status in Los Angeles is logically questioned.

Rumors about Russell Westbrook have died down a bit lately. We still talk about the EuroBasket on the orange planet, and we even saw the 2017 MVP greet Patrick Beverley when he arrived in Los Angeles, with some psychedelic images of a potential future duo of leaders which is not… years. Lakers boss Jeannie Buss even praised Russell, just to reassure people, a little, and above all to avoid, many, the rumors of thousands who are with the future of the king of the triple-double. However, now the Lakers have three leaders on their roster, Russell Westbrook, Pat Beverley and Dennis Schroder for the latter, and if we are not talking about three potential All-Stars we are still talking about three potential starters and , moreover, of three goodness. original characters that are hard to see them together. You mean? It means that since yesterday the rumors have started and the flow of someone who wants to talk about all the bad things of the Lakers last season is going well. Which brings us to four potential solutions to the RW file, solutions that we present to you without further ado.

Russell Westbrook stayed in Los Angeles and became Russell Westbrook again

This is the simplest possibility, but not necessarily the most logical. If we put aside the talent, the background and the individual dominance potential of each of the three leaders mentioned above, there is no doubt that Russell Westbrook beats Dennis and Patoche blindfolded. Brodie is an MVP, so far this season, and at the age of 33 he has the ability to make a difference, despite the decrease in production in two seasons, despite a stereotypical game that defenses come to analyze and understand. Putting Russell Westbrook on equal footing with the other two zinzins may pass a crime of lèse-majesté but other criteria must be considered. RW’s relationship with the other two stars of the Lakers first of all, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and the impression of seeing a Russ who did not see his place in a system… was not there last season. Then there is this salary, amazing given his contribution, because his 18/7/7 average is the only tree hiding in the forest, because we should expect more from such a player, in stats and in game, too. Now the possibility of finding Russell Westbrook to stay in Los Angeles therefore appears to be the simplest in terms of logistics, but in reality there is sure to be a traffic jam, both on and off the field. So we wouldn’t bet our hand on the cut, but the idea of ​​seeing Russell stay in Los Angeles with the same role is slowly fading from our minds.

Russell Westbrook stays in LA and comes off the bench, WTF

So this is a weird one, but according to relatively well-informed sources… here’s an alternative that doesn’t sound like an April Fool’s joke. In 2022-23, the leader under the acid will receive almost 50 million per season, but there is a possibility to see him… from the bench. Unbeulibabeule. Dennis Schroder did not come to stalk the beans, even in the 2.4 million season, Patrick Beverley proved last season with Wolves that he is a candidate for the starting five through his defensive profile, to his parking address, to his ability to blow everyone’s socks off. immediately at the bat and put a great general intensity, and so we guess the idea of ​​using Russell Westbrook as the sixth man needs – a little – some thinking. It remains to be seen if a player with 50 potatoes can start jogging matches, it remains to be seen how RW will take the news, we have little idea, but such an event is in any case whispered by Sam Amick and a few. friends from The Athletic, men are generally not interested in bullshit and play it safe when it comes to NBA news. In any case, we are waiting for the player’s reaction to this rumor, and the headset tells us that after revealing this possibility, Brodie will run and be found in a park beating his skull. scrap metal uprights on a toboggan. Case to follow.

Russell Westbrook is traded in the coming weeks

Possibility 3: the trade, and it is very honest that this idea we want to go. It’s been a few weeks, even a few months, that the marriage of Russell Westbrook and the Lakers seems to be weak, the same rumors about him when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are making a circus and messing up the whole NBA for no reason , and in each potential. arriving in Los Angeles the name of Russell Westbrook in any case mentioned. In Charlotte, Indianapolis and even on the side of the Jazz before the departure of Donovan Mitchell, all occasions were apparently good to put a Westbrook in the package., the rumors that are also supported by the separation of the player with his historical agent, drunk on this life and then swinging some facts on his former calf. To trade Russell Westbrook and his remaining 47 gratins? Good luck huh, but the fact that the player is in the last year of his contract just puts a little water on the wine and some franchises may be attracted to the idea of ​​recovering the beast while shedding two or three players , although the Lakers would rather, logically, be interested in the picks to recover. In short ? It will take Bac+7 to negotiate around the table, but Russell Westbrook may not be wearing a Lakers jersey for a few weeks.

Russell Westbrook ended his contract and signed with JL Bourg

Because it’s clear that we won’t end this article without talking about madness, and because sometimes nothing beats a little promo for the club at home. Recently signed to replace Laurent Legname who never made a splash in town, Fred Fauthoux is quietly setting up his project in Bourg-en-Bresse. His reliable leader clearly remains Axel Julien, a kind of local Terry Tarpey with many assists, but the idea of ​​seeing the event of Westbrook comes to compete in the soft and learn life from Hugo Benitez should run at the head of Petitou. Brodie in Ain? It is also an opportunity to introduce him to local specialties, from the Church of Brou to the Bresse Bleu factory, passing by the half-timbered houses or George Blanc’s chickens with morels. Russell Westbrook can also, a non-negligible detail, play in the EuroCup in Ekinox, that’s the name of the room, and at the same time restore his health and reputation, even if some of Bourke’s fans will keep him without’ y easy hesitation. croqueur label, because Bourke’s public is very demanding. The moment you are offered to go to the conclusion because it becomes useless.

So… what’s next for Russell Westbrook? Can he handle the shock between Patrick Beverley’s cable farts and Dennis Schroder’s daily ego trips? Does he still have the skills to be the titular leader of an ambitious franchise? Can he put aside his ego to become the craziest replacement in the NBA? And if not, what does he think of Bresse poultry? The answers are very quick so keep your eyes open, the Woj Bomb may drop in the next few hours.

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