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Find out the detailed summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 in advance episode 982 on Thursday September 22, 2022 in France 2. Eva is determined to kill Manu for revenge. Margot decides to talk to Cécile about Achille, Christophe’s son. Claire finds herself alone, no one believes that Hélène can commit an act of vandalism.

The complete recap of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil on 09/22/2022 with all spoilers and preview photos of episode 982 of the day. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Claire argues with Victor over Hélène: she prefers to trust her boyfriend rather than her daughter

Find the full summary at A big sun episode 982 broadcast on France 2 on Thursday September 22, 2022 (preview the summaries of Un si grand soleil ): the detailed recap of the previous episodes Such a big day episodes 981 is online.

Eva calls Franck to find out if he found Léoni. He thought he needed to be taken care of later, it was too dangerous. Eva wanted it to be now. Franck thinks Eva took her own life. Eva hung up, she said she would ask someone else.

Alix tells Hélène that the work is almost done, she plans to open in 3 weeks. Alix wants to put Ulysses in the spotlight for the inauguration.

Hélène receives a call from the police station, summoning her for a vandalism story. Elise asks Hélène after filing a complaint against X.

Mr Lievremont, Claire and Florent’s new neighbor said he was there when the tow truck arrived to fix his car. He said that would never happen because the neighborhood is quiet.

Johanna had a big day

Johanna learns a lot about Patrice Angel’s death with the coroner

Johanna comes to see the pathologist Hugo: he agrees to let Eva see her husband in the morgue. Hugo confirmed that Patrice did not suffer violence: he shared his theory related to the operation, the surgeon should have used the absorbable suture on purpose. He cannot prove his thesis.

Clearly such a great day

The neighborhood confirmed to Claire and Florent that the neighborhood was quiet

Christophe has some kind of panic attack in the office, Charles comes to comfort him. Christophe explains that these pains and discomforts are psychosomatic. He said he has a cash flow problem. Charles offers to work more so Christophe can rest.

Helene had a great day

Is Hélène honest or is she back?

Victor calls Claire to tell her to stop harassing Hélène. Claire reminds that Hélène is a manipulator…and that she was deceived. Hélène wins,

Margot asks Johanna about Christophe to find out if he had a child before her. Johanna doesn’t want to get into the mood of Christophe and Cécile. Margot understood.

A big day in advance episode 982 of September 22, 2022: Claire and Florent clash

Christophe had a great day

Christophe’s anxiety attack in the vet’s cabinet

Kira finds that Florent doesn’t support Claire…he says he doesn’t think Claire has the right reaction to Hélène.
At night, Florent asks Claire to stop Kira turning against Hélène. It’s just Florent that Claire is not objective and that until now we still don’t know the truth. Florent judged that Claire’s perception of what she experienced was biased. Florent tells Claire that she lost her identity. Claire is saddened by Florent’s reaction.

Cécile had a great day

Cécile was shocked by Margot’s revelations

Margot decides to go directly to Cécile to tell her about Christophe. Margot reveals to her brother that Christophe is lying and that he has a son. Afterwards, Christophe returns and he has to explain himself to Cécile.

Our opinion

the +

  • Margot begins… Will Cécile finally leave Christophe because of his lies?
  • Hélène the return of her split personality? It’s hard to imagine
  • Seeing Johanna and Hugo in the discussion…we think Johanna hasn’t had a boyfriend in a long time! Johanna (Aurore Delplace) is beautiful…why not talk to Yann?;)


  • There is no Manu on the horizon at this stage
  • Regrets Florent’s attitude of not supporting Claire in this difficult moment

Main Cast

Melanie Maudran, Fred Bianconi, Alban Aumard, Chrystelle Labaude, Maelle Mietton, Moïse Santamaria, Fred Bianconi, Fabrice Deville

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