the revelations of Marco Mouly in the documentary “The kings of the scam”

FIGARO LIVE – The famous scammer, who was sentenced to eight years in prison for VAT fraud on the carbon quota, released this Wednesday, September 14 a book entitled The female (Harper Collins). Guest of “Buzz TV”, he recounts his remarkable escape.

TV MAGAZINE. – You always say you can’t read or write. How do you handle writing The femalethat comes out this Wednesday, September 14?
Marco Mouly. – I, I speak, and Julie Madar writes the book with her pen of madness. He is very passionate about the subject he understands. Even he, he asked me when we were going for a run, so he brought the story to life. I was amazed by his pen. We are talking about love in this book. He had a blast and it was his job.

On July 7, 2016, you decided to run from the toilets of the court, where you found out that you were sentenced to eight years in prison …
Expected! I decided to go to court. I said to myself: “if I’m five years old, I have three more years to do”. When I realized that I would stay behind bars for eight years, I said to myself that it would be very difficult, so I might as well have fun. And to run, I did. To get out of court without getting caught, I wore a lawyer’s coat, put on red glasses and pretended to be chatting with my wife on the phone.

“I am on the red list of Interpol! »

Marco Mouly, author of the book “La Cavale”

Your adventures are worthy of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Are you a mythomaniac?
All my stories are true, talking nonsense is nonsense. Lies are for business. And then, the words disappear, the writings, which are in the hands of Justice, remain. Besides, the police have my fake plane tickets and my fake papers. The whole world wants to catch me! I am on the Interpol red list. I’m telling you this set: I’ll do anything to see Poutine. I want to and I think I will. You can see if my stories are true or false!

Why did you decide to make your story public?
I have never cried in my life, not even when my father died. The only time tears flow is when I see my posts on Instagram, when I read the stories of women who raised seven children, and who have nothing to eat… God gave me this light, thank you for my life. I want to help people. After death, I believe there is another life and we will pay the bill. I want to show that I did well.

You like to show off. Aren’t you a megalomaniac?
It’s business! Because if you’re not dressed and you don’t have a watch, the man will find out. In this environment, we know how much your suit is worth, and your jacket… Harassment is very important. If you wear a cashmere shirt, something attractive, it will pay off because you have a business.

Do you understand that some French people are shocked that you are in the media?
In life, if you make non-violent mistakes, they can be corrected and forgiven. To all those who do not like me, I ask them this question: Why did you come to see me? Why are you coming to my Instagram account to criticize me? If I don’t like someone, I don’t want to see them. The problem is that people are helpless. I don’t care about people who don’t like me.

A fraud of 283 million euros

In the epilogue of your book, the reader learns that you will pay in three years the 283 million euros you stole. How do you do it?
I want to go ahead and tell the civil servants in Bercy that if they don’t hire me, I won’t keep my promise. There, they accepted, and I have already paid about 87 million euros. So I got through, and I did pretty well

What is your job now?
I live from my work. I put a box that is already listed on the stock exchange. As I did not have the right to manage it, someone took my place and I worked behind the scenes. Tomorrow, when I have the right to drive it, I will get my company.

“In “The Kings of the Scam”, Greg Zaoui is an extra”

Marco Mouly, author of the book “La Cavale”.

Of the 283 million euros you stole, how much do you have left?
I have accomplices! Besides, Greg Zaoui is not the mastermind. I had the idea to put it in a Netflix documentary because I was scared of the police for the show. He wanted to imitate the brain, and I let him. But he was not the one who discovered carbon. An eight-year-old can steal VAT! The story of “Scam King” is based on three people. Greg Zaoui is an extra in the film.

So Grégory Zaoui has no connection to this fraud?
Nothing! I cheated on Netflix groups. When they came, they asked me to tell everything. I told them I wanted to hire someone who believed they were the mastermind. That being said, if the police want to see me, I’ll tell them I’m not the mastermind. So now that this is out of the way, the truth must be told: Greg Zaoui is none of my business. He never touched my carbon.

Are you stopping scams?
To say that would be a lie. Now, I don’t steal and cheat anymore. I would never say “Fountain, I will not drink your water on the day I am thirsty”.

Will your story be adapted into fiction?
They asked me not to talk about it… In any case, it was signed. It is available on one platform in the form of a series and a film.

You have been a guest several times on “Touche pas à mon poste” on C8. What is your connection with the host of the show Cyril Hanouna?
I love it. These are sibling relationships. He’s in business, he’s doing it very hard. Whenever he calls me to come to his set, even though I’m abroad, I go because I really love him. He can trust me as much as I trust him. He is a whole person.

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