TGS 2022 preview: what will Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost? Our first impression

Preview TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost? Our first impression

To keep us waiting for the second part of the remake of Final Fantasy VII expected a priori for the end of 2023, Square Enix chose to bring back to the front of the stage a title that is less cult but still popular to the fans. Prequel to “FF7” released on PlayStation Portable in 2008, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII makes us not Cloud but a member of SOLDIER, Zack Fair, in the same universe. It is at this stage that the publisher decided to also offer its creation, called “Reunion”, which will be released on December 13 on PC and consoles.

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We got to try a demo of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion during a press event organized by Square-Enix in London. Our impressions come from this gaming session conducted on the PlayStation 5, based on the Tokyo Game Show 2022 demo.


  • A true remake, more than a remaster
  • Zack’s gameplay, nani?
  • A true modern classic

A true remake, more than a remaster

We can predict this by the end of the last chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake which caused a lot of talk about it in terms of rewriting and surprising liberties in writing the script: Zack Fair will also make a comeback a remake of Crisis Core was announced during the 25th anniversary celebration of Squaresoft’s hit. A choice that is anything but surprising given the aura of the Final Fantasy VII universe among players, and the last apparent need for Square Enix to exploit such a quality vein: the seventh episode of famous franchise is the only one the publisher trusts. provides the largest vast universe.

However, the main question lies in the true nature of the project. Originally presented by Tetsuya Nomura (not so modestly) as a remaster for PCs and all current consoles, “Reunion” is actually a total reconstruction of the 2008 title, reusing the artistic direction of Final Fantasy VII Remake even in its menus. What can be done on familiar ground if you have experienced the latter since its release almost two and a half years ago: we can say without misleading a “prequel to FF7 Remake”, so its publication a year before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in a way…

On PS5, so we found a much-appreciated graphical finesse, which is little jealous of what Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade offers released as a next-gen console exclusive. The graphic overhaul is commendable, as suggested by the comparisons of the PSP version published recently, and we reasonably hope for a similar rendering for the PC and Xbox Series versions. Since “Reunion” is not exclusive to new generations, we can wait for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One performance identical to the first version of the remake (probably just like smooth graphics, good “only” in HD, and the framerate is locked at 30 frames per second). However, we regret not being able to test the Nintendo Switch version. whose level of success is undoubtedly lower, but it is undoubtedly very acceptable for the publisher to take the gamble of bringing this title to the hybrid console of Nintendo.

Zack’s gameplay, nani?

TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impression

In Crisis Core, Zack Fair is our game, and no longer Cloud Strife.

As announced by Square Enix, The purpose of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is to recreate the original game from scratch, shot by shot, by modernizing its interface. At this point, one might think that we are therefore closer to the philosophy of a The Last of Us Part I than the remake of Final Fantasy VII, which is more and rethought to the major lines of his legendary that scenario. But really, it’s only in the backstory that this remake doesn’t change anything (which fans are therefore assured, the screenplay will not be remade as in the case of the 1997 work, whose conclusion in the remake caused a lot of talk).

The project is in any case less ambitious than the remake in the form of a trilogy, mainly because Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is not as dense a game as Final Fantasy VII, and that we shall content ourselves here with a singular play to repeat it. As Final Fantasy VII Rebirth approaches, the most important thing for Square is making the connection between the first two parts of the remake and this prequel by emphasizing the character of Zack, who has a capital role in this universe, and that new players who have only played Final Fantasy VII Remake do not need to know.

“Yes Cloud, this time I’m the star, what are you going to do?”

TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impression

In fact, if Cloud Strife is one of the great icons of video games, it is a different protagonist that we play in Crisis Core, and to whom he is often compared. As part of this remake, there is no question of making our “new” hero suffer from the old gameplay: Zack actually benefits from a completely reworked game that is very reminiscent of Cloud in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. To our delight, the clearly outdated combat system of the PlayStation Portable version now takes on the more action-RPG oriented that was discovered two years ago, although it remains criticized by some purists. The overall interface is optimized and perfectly modeled on Final Fantasy VII Remake, so this almost total rebuild of Crisis Core puts it in a way on the level of the “main game” to which it is the prequel.

The global interface is literally taken from Final Fantasy VII Remake. Even better!

TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impressionTGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impression

A true modern classic

Since we are talking about the combat system, the overall change is less surprising than the Final Fantasy VII Remake, whose action-RPG orientation did not make anyone happy. Groups of enemies encountered as you progress will not appear on the screen in the areas you explore, resulting in battles in small enclosed spaces and the return of myth “Activating Combat Mode”, which makes the nostalgic happy. In general, nothing has changed much in substance, as Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase explained to us in July in a full interview with the two producers, which we recommend reading , because their promises seem to be kept. The only real change seems to be in the “Ability Power” gauge of the most powerful enemies, which you can reduce or even completely empty to prevent them from making a truly damaging attack (or, at the very least, to reduce its effects). Let’s make things clear: all the soul of the battles in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP is still there, but modernized, smarter and above all more fluid and tries to avoid downtime as much as possible.

TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impression

Ifrit is still impressive to deal with.

Indeed, an effort must be accepted if we see how Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion seeks to overcome some gameplay inconsistencies and the slowness concerns of its predecessor. For example, “Limit Breaks” can finally be saved to use when you need them rather than happening without warning at an inopportune moment. In addition, the roulette system is still present but less disruptive, and does not cause any disruption once its result (a priori is always random) is determined, which avoids breaking the rhythm of the confrontation. In the same genre, sometimes the rather long cinematics can be skipped, which is impossible in PSP. It’s true, the remake sublimated them, but we really appreciate giving them to stay in the heat of the action, especially since the feeling of combat is very fun.

Around the world, better sensations in the game, and not just on the combat side. The excellent camera has a lot to do with it, as do the new Japanese and English dubs (we’ve only tried the latter so far). And what about the musical atmosphere signed by Takeharu Ishimoto, re-orchestrated and benefiting here from new arrangements by the original composer. They beg you to listen to the new soundtrack, especially if the work is as good as Final Fantasy VII Remake! For all these reasons, we can’t wait to see the final version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion that will be released on December 13th.

TGS 2022: what will the Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion cost?  Our first impression

Our impressions

While we wonder where this “revisited” Crisis Core lies, it’s clear that Square Enix’s title is more on the side of a complete remake than a simple remaster with some improvements. If the scenario has not progressed an inch, everything has completely changed based on Final Fantasy VII Remake, to the delight of fans who have been waiting to see one of the important hits of the PSP in front of the stage . If the final title is up to this short session, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion may be one of the must-haves at the end of the year, just in time for the holidays, too.

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