play for the mega jackpot of 160 million euros

Here we are, tonight Friday, September 16, 2022, will all the promises be fulfilled? In tonight’s program, a super jackpot of 160 million euros in Euromillions My Million following 4e The Euromillions mega jackpot has been won twice this week in the draw. To play a grid today, you have until 8:15 pm and the results will be available from 9:15 pm on our website

The draws followed each other and the super kitty on September 9 still did not find a winner. However, with 40 million grids played on Friday and 28 million players on Tuesday night, the pressure around the super jackpot was very strong, without producing big winners in the n°1 ranking. If fortune flees players across Europe, this is the pot that takes the opportunity to climb even further, announced at 143 million euros on Tuesday of 160 million euros on Friday, September 16, 2022Can you find the winning numbers of the day?

To participate in Euromillions My Million draw of the day, you must validate your grid online or at a point of sale before 8:15 pm Below, we show you how to play your grid directly online.

Play today in the amazing Euromillions draw on September 16

Ticktack, the clock is ticking and there are only a few hours left to make the most of it amazing kitty on offer at Euromillions this Friday night. To make sure not to miss out on this amazing draw, you must hit at least one grid, and this before 8:15pm.

Allow yourself some time, you need 15 minutes between registering on the site and validating your grid if you are playing for the first time. If you are a regular, you can play in less than 5 minutes from the FDJ mobile application.

Play now for the next Euromillion draw:

✅ Todayopen an online account at (100% free) and enter the magical world of La Française des jeux on the internet. In addition to being able to play on your Euromillions My Million grids, you will have access to all the games in the Illiko range, web exclusives or even other lotteries such as Loto or Keno.

Once connected, go to the “Euromillions” section. from the Française des jeux website or through the FDJ app available on Android and iPhone. In front of the game grid consisting of 50 numbers and 12 stars, you need to choose 5 numbers + 2 stars to make a simple grid.

Validate your purchase of this game now by paying for your grids by credit card. Once the transaction is completed and validated, all you need to do is find your automatically generated My Million code in your FDJ account history.

Friday September 16, 2022 €160,000,000 DAY time min tremor To play

Euromillions My Million draw results: a busy program on Friday, September 16

the The program promises to be busy this Friday, September 16 with many draws in common. If the eyes are above all riveted to the winning numbers of the Euromillions, know that the winning code My Million will be placed online from 8:50 pm, indicating the passage through which region the winning grid validated.

At the same time, the result of the Super Loto du Patrimoine could reward a Loto player with 13 million euros in this extraordinary draw before 9:15 p.m.

Below, find some useful links to follow everything on this special night:

✅ My Million draw results: announcement of the winning code and the winning region

✅ EuroMillions results: the winning numbers from this draw and the archives

✅ Results of the Super Loto draw: the special draws are shown here in the image of this Super Loto du Patrimoine.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about EuroMillions My Million

How long can we play Euromillions this Friday, September 16?

It is possible to play a Euromillions grid until 8:15 pm this Friday, September 16. This EuroMillion My Million grid will cost you €2.50 if you play online at or at a point of sale.

How is your Euromillions grid playing today for this September 16?

To play your grid for this next Euromillions draw, enter 5 numbers + 2 stars either online at or at a point of sale. From today you can validate your grids until 8.15pm this Friday, September 16. ▶ Play your Euromillions grid here

When will the Euromillions draw results be available today?

The results of this Euromillions My Million draw will be posted from 8:50 pm for the My Million code and 9:15 pm for the European lottery combination. The complete results will be posted in the evening around 10:00 pm.

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