Mondial-2022 will be avoided on television by almost half of the French

MUSTAFA ABUMUNES/AFP via Getty Images The Lusail stadium will host the FIFA World Cup final in December, outside of Doha (Qatar).


The Lusail stadium will host the FIFA World Cup final in December, outside of Doha (Qatar).

FOOTBALL – The World Cup offside. With the approach of the World Cup to be held in November in Qatar, the NGO Amnesty International published, this Thursday, September 15, a study carried out with YouGov that shows that nearly half of the French people think of sulking in spreading the event.

For several months now the 2022 World Cup has been strongly criticized, especially for its failure to respect the human rights of workers and its impact on the environment. Conducted among 17,000 adults from 15 countries, the Amnesty International study revealed that 48% of the French will not pay attention to the 2022 World Cup on television. A proportion similar to other countries surveyed.

48% of the French and Éric Cantona

A few days before the publication of this study, the former striker of the France team, Éric Cantona shared a press release on these social networks explaining that he too is going to boycott the World Cup-2022. In particular, he pointed out “an ecological aberration in all these air-conditioned stadiums” Thus “what is the horror of man”. Philipp Lahm, the former Bayern Munich player and chairman of Germany’s Euro-2024 organizing committee, also said he would not travel to Qatar.

The newspaper is Reunion newspaper announced on the front page, Tuesday September 13, that it will not cover the competition. “without us”, “In the name of its values, Le Quotidien boycotts the 2022 World Cup”, newspaper headlines.

Amnesty International did not, however, call for a boycott. After the publication of a documentary showing the sad reality of the Football World Cup, the NGO posted a petition online in which it asked the French Football Federation (FFF) ” to act concretely for the respect of the rights of migrant workers in Qatar. »

Another interesting figure from the study: 73% of respondents around the world want FIFA to use part of its income to fund the compensation of workers at the 2022 World Cup. The most interesting thing is that the people who go to watch the matches are more actively supporting the idea of ​​compensation for immigrant workers”said Lola Schulmann, spokeswoman for Amnesty International, in the report.

“FIFA still has time to do what needs to be done”, commented in a statement Steve Cockburn, Social and Economic Justice Program Manager at Amnesty. “The fans do not want a World Cup to be tainted (…) by human rights violations. »

In a statement sent to AFP, FIFA “look” this survey and insisted on “The measures taken in recent years by (it) and its partners in Qatar to protect workers”.

“Workers are compensated in various forms when companies fail to meet welfare standards” of the Supreme Organizing Committee of Mondial-2022, assures FIFA. “These measures are supported by those taken by the Ministry of Labor to enforce Qatar’s labor laws and provide access to remedies. » World football’s governing body says so “continue (his) efforts”.

In an interview in French every week Point opened on Wednesday night (his third formal interview since he came to power in 2013), the Emir of Qatar also spoke on this topic.

“We understand that we have a problem with work in construction sites, and we have taken strong measures in record time. We have changed the law and we are punishing anyone who mistreats an employee; we open our doors to NGOs and we cooperate with them. We are proud of it”claim of Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani.

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