LoL: Skyyart’s big rant about the loss of LP


skyart not played or LEC neither of LFL (which was never the case), but he remains an important figure in the French League of Legends scene. For older people, you definitely know him playing in EMP with Sypher. The Solary panel of experts also put its name in the balance, with players like soAZ and YellowOwStar, for the French GOAT title. More than his shirts, the streamer marked a generation with his hardworking spirit and his great gaming knowledge. Now he has diversified a lot and we can see him grinding in other games (Multiversus, Valorant , fall guys…). But he always returns to his first love: the MOBA of Riot Games.

Yesterday, while he was trying to choose nasus jungle while chatting with his cat, he brings up an angry topic: the loss of LPs (League Points). Especially angry, he is not stingy in criticizing, going so far as to say that the current system is “ashamed“. The strong opinions of the character are often controversial, but the streamer’s arguments are well thought out and he managed to convince us. explanations.

What LP loss are we talking about?

Before digging into the argument, we must take the time to recontextualize the words of skyart. The problem for him is the loss of LPs programmed by Riot Games, the famous “corruption“, which happens when a player stops playing for a long time (fatigue, vacation, illness, etc.). This is not about the points that are legitimately lost after a loss. can do anything for you if the better your opponents are.

Most of the community doesn’t have to worry about decay. This inactivity penalty only applies to players of high rating : diamonds, masters, grandmasters and challengers. For simplicity:

  • the players diamonds have 7 days of immunity after a game and therefore have to play once a week. Otherwise, they will be punished with 50 LP.
  • for gamers masters, grandmasters and challenger, there is only one day of immunity! So you have to play every day or lose 75 LP!

If we go into details, however, it is possible to stack games to increase your immunity period: up to 28 daysfor diamonds and up 14 days for others. It is known that if you fall below 0 LP, Riot Games will demote you to the lower division. It is impossible in these conditions to stay AFK until the end of the season to maintain his rank of master.

Why is the system problematic according to Skyyart?

League of Legends

with skyart, this system has a problem. If we look at the situation, we can make two assumptions: either Riot Games made a big unconscious mistake, or Riot Games made it intentionally using a system “ashamed“. The streamer has his opinion on the matter and he is not kind to the developers. The latter will try to make the players addicted to force to play a certain way Keep. By playing, they live the game, they can create content, and they also have the possibility to buy skins. As he grinds many, many games, Skyyart feels he has never seen a system like this. deceitful and twisted. He goes on to talk about “free labor”. If there is financial compensation, he can imagine playing every day. But since this is not the case, he has no interest in following this rule of decay. Only the professionals (pro players, YouTubers, streamers…) so there is a real interest in playing every day. For others, unless you are “unemployed”, playing every day represents a lot of sacrifices! Skyyart also decided to put his career on hold for good tunnel vision in the game.

So he saw that the situation would be justified for the challengers. But for diamonds and masters, we ended up with a rule funny. “It’s not by being 10,000 on the ladder that you become a pro”. Thus he estimated that he had a level of almost “midmaster” … our community is unfortunately not known for its excellence. So he is not interested in moving up to this rating. Some would say it’s too bad for him, but we’d say too bad for Riot Games. We imagine Skyyart isn’t the only one who has found himself surrendering in front of this wall. So maybe we should think about changing the system! Players may be tempted to launch vacation games, even without a mouse, to avoid being demoted… which would ruin their experience but also the players who fell with them in Rank. Transferring a rule to 2/3 games per week will allow to have a more balanced rhythm of life, than a game every day. To conclude by quoting Sky”I can’t change my mind, it’s a dream“.


The French League of Legends community can’t take it anymore. The wait is endless and we still don’t know if Karmine will be in the LEC next year… Since the crazy rumor of KC Hans Sama, some people can’t sleep. Besides, who gets the most out of this story?

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