LIVE – Macron will meet King Charles III on Sunday, ahead of Elizabeth II’s funeral

David Beckham will enter Westminster Hall to pay his respects in front of the Queen’s coffin

Among the thousands of people who lined up this Friday to pay their respects to the queen’s coffin was David Beckham.

The former player went through security checks before entering Westminster Hall, according to our special correspondents.

Charles III arrives at Cardiff Castle to cheers and boos

King Charles III arrived at Cardiff castle, to applause but also boos.

After an hour’s private meeting with the Welsh Prime Minister, the new king will enjoy a new walkabout inside the castle, with 2000 people.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand paid tribute to the Queen at Westminster Hall

Jacinda Ardern visited the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall on Friday afternoon, according to several foreign media. He was one of the first foreign dignitaries to pay tribute to Elizabeth II.

According to Stéphane Bern, Emmanuel Macron will give “a sober and symbolic gift” to Charles III

Emmanuel Macron will give King Charles III a “sober and very symbolic” gift when he travels to the United Kingdom from Sunday evening for Elizabeth II’s funeral, according to Stéphane Bern.

This is the “photo album of the visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1957, especially to the Palace of Versailles”, he showed on the microphone of BFMTV, judging these photos “absolute magnificence”.

Macron will meet Charles III on Sunday evening, the day before Elizabeth II’s funeral

The French president will arrive in the United Kingdom on Sunday evening, the day before Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“I will go on Sunday evening with my wife at the invitation of King Charles. Obviously we will be at the Queen’s funeral the next day. It will be a moment of reflection and emotion with the British people,” said Emmanuel Macron .

The president also announced that he had “the opportunity to invite, but things will be done in their time, King Charles to go to France, if it suits him”.

Charles III left Parliament to rejoice, and now joined Cardiff Castle

After speaking for a few moments before the Welsh Parliament, Charles III returned to the road to reach Cardiff Castle.

Anti-monarchy placards outside Cardiff Castle

Minutes from the arrival of Charles III at Cardiff Castle, several anti-monarchy signs were seen in the crowd waiting outside the building.

“End of the title of the Princes of Wales”, can we read one of them.

Charles III addresses the Welsh Parliament

The new King Charles III spoke in English and Welsh before the Parliament of Wales.

“In all the years of his reign, Wales could not have been closer to my mother’s heart,” the king began.

Anti-monarchy protests: Police will only intervene if ‘absolutely necessary’

As anti-monarchy protests are planned around Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, police say they will only intervene if “absolutely necessary”, according to SkyNews.

“Our response will be proportionate, it will be balanced and officers will act only when necessary,” he explained.

Pope Francis will not attend Elizabeth II’s funeral

Pope Francis will not attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which will take place Monday at Westminster Abbey in London, the Vatican announced on Friday.

The Vatican’s “Minister” of Foreign Affairs, “Bishop Paul Gallagher, will represent Pope Francis” at the funeral, the Vatican said in a statement.

Charles III arrives before the Welsh Parliament

The new King Charles III has just arrived before the Welsh Parliament. The notes of the harp echoed throughout the building.

Outside, many Welsh came to greet Charles III.

King Charles III enjoys a walkabout in Cardiff

Charles III visited Wales on Friday, the last part of his tour of the new king of the United Kingdom, three days before the state funeral of his mother Elizabeth II.

In Cardiff, the king offered himself a walk.

Access the queue to see the suspended coffin of Elizabeth II

Access to the queue to see Elizabeth II’s coffin was suspended on Friday in London, due to high attendance.

Initially, the government announced that this suspension should last “at least six hours”. “The afternoon slots are full,” he clarified. “Don’t try to join the queue before it reopens”.

Before this announcement, the waiting time increased until 2 o’clock in the afternoon, people who waited night and day for miles to gather for a moment in front of the coffin of the sovereign displayed in Westminster Hall.

Charles III of Wales

Hello everyone and welcome to this live. Charles III will be in Wales this Friday, three days before the national funeral of his mother Elizabeth II where hundreds of leaders from around the world are expected.

He completed a tour of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) in Cardiff, where he attended a church service with Queen Consort Camilla, before a planned reception with representatives of local policies

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