“I threw food in the canteen”

Léa Elui was harassed in high school and in her Savoie village: “They threw me food in the canteen” (Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images)

This Friday, September 16, 2022, Léa Elui is preparing to participate in the competition “Dancing with the Stars” on TF1. With him behind him, he can count on the unwavering support of his impressive community. A great revenge for the influencer from Savoie who, before finding success in social networks, suffered the hell of harassment at school. And things have gone too far…

On Instagram like TikTok, Léa Elui has millions of subscribers, making her the most followed French influencer on social networks. This meteoric rise began a few years ago now, when he was still a high school student in the small village of Savoie. And if his dance videos hit the bull’s eye, and brought him great success that went beyond the borders of France, unfortunately they were also one of the reasons for his harassment.

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Léa Elui abused and harassed

Because behind her big smile, Léa Elui hides wounds that are still difficult to heal. Like other young people, he was a victim of school bullying that started when he was still in college. “These are the stories of teenagers. It started in college with rumors. Because I live in a very small village, it spread. People talked, and it spread in high school” he explained in 2020 in the Youtube show “Le QG”, he tied the throat. Alone in the face of the hatred of her friends at school, Léa decides to turn to the net. At the time, TikTok was still called Musical.ly. And it is on this platform that the high school student expresses himself through his dance videos. A way to escape his harsh reality. “Before I started shooting my videos, life was not easy every day. I was harassed at school. I was always insulted,” he told the Gala.

His level of dancing allowed him to quickly reach the heights of the social network, and gain self-confidence. At the same time, the harassment stopped … for a while. “Young people in my village are now using social networks to attack me. Recently, we even threw stones in my path” he lamented in the Gala columns. Because this fame, which was once respected by his friends in high school, was later another reason for attacking Léa Elui. Even the elders, who didn’t even know him, began to question him. Caught in the chaos, the influencer was forced to change the number. But nothing works…

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“Dancing with the stars”, a revenge

“I got food that I threw in the canteen” he said on the show “Le QG”. Before returning to this painful episode that happened in June 2020: “I left high school, some boys tried to get my attention, they gave me some weird nicknames (… ) They could not, suddenly they took what they had. hands, and stones, and they threw at me.” Faced with such violence, Léa Elui immediately went to file a complaint. But there again, she found herself helpless in the face of the inaction of justice: “Says They said they would open an investigation, and I had no follow-up.” So the teenager was forced to leave high school. “I felt dehumanized, it really traumatized me. I have a great anxiety attack, I can’t speak for three hours. And even when I drive past my high school, I have chills. I can’t do it” he confides in 2020, still hurt by this outburst of hatred.

Since then, Léa Elui’s popularity has continued to increase, on social networks but also on the small screen. In the competition of the 12th season of “Dancing with the stars”, the young woman intends to go all the way. Especially since this participation has a very special symbol for it. “This is one of the reasons why I accepted this competition. What happened to me when I was bullied in middle school and high school, I lost a lot of confidence in myself. And it’s true that dance is a good way of expressing, you have to open up, you have to accept some things that happened to open up, and I think that helps me regain my confidence, especially because I also do that for my subscribers regularly who supports me” he recently explained to Yahoo. No more!

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