how to play 3 ways to fill your grids this Friday, September 16

Tomorrow, Friday September 16, 2022, la Française des jeux will offer its traditional Super Loto du Patrimoine draw and will put an amount of 13 million euros in play on this occasion. To play, you not only have the possibility to offer yourself a grid for 3 €, but you can also play in a group or try your luck in several grids. Lots of possibilities to play for this Heritage draw and hope to become a new millionaire.

To take advantage of the different Loto game formulas, we advise you to register on the website if you have not already done so. From simple grid to multi grid through the Multichances group game offer, you have many options to play and participate in this special Heritage draw.

Below, find some steps to play a Super Loto grid online from the site.

✅ Open an account here in a few minutes or log in to your player account.

✅ Make sure you have at least €3 in your account or pay by credit card (or Paypal, Neteller, Skrill,…) for a minimum amount of €5.

✅ Go to the section dedicated to “Super Loto” on the website and fill your grids online with your favorite numbers or through the Flash Loto system.

✅ Validate your gamewrite down your numbers on a piece of paper or go to your game history to find your last games and your associated Super Loto codes.

Friday September 16, 2022 €13,000,000 DAY time min tremor To play

Do you want to go further and find out what are the different types of games available for the Super Loto draw? Read it, you’ll love it!

Loto du Patrimoine: play on a simple grid, how to do it?

Used by more than 90% of players, the simple grid allows you to try your luck on Super Loto du Patrimoine for only €3. You can accumulate many simple grids, you will receive in return many Super Loto codes to maybe win one of the €20,000 checks reserved for tombola winners.

To play a simple grid, all you have to do is check 5 numbers out of 49 in the Super Loto grid and 1 Chance number out of 10 possible numbers. The grid price is fixed, it costs €3 and the 2d Loto draw option does not exist for this Super Loto du Patrimoine. As required by the rules of the Heritage Mission, 24% of the value of your bet will be donated to the Heritage Foundation led by Stéphane Bern.

Super Loto du Patrimoine grid: how to play this Friday, September 16

Loto du Patrimoine: play in a group with the Multichances offer

If you want to improve your chances of winning the jackpot of this Super Loto dedicated to Heritage, while it is shared with other playersthen the Multichances FDJ offer is exactly the offer made for you. By pooling your stakes and playing as a groupyou can cover many different combinations (from 100 to 600 grids) and receive more Super Loto codes.

To participate in Heritage Super Loto as a group, you will find the offer exclusively online at “Multichances” offered by from 6 € (a participation in a group of 100 grids) or 9 € for a group participation of 600 grids. We remind you that all earnings will be divided among each member of the group according to the number of shares they have purchased.

Super Loto du Patrimoine grid: the consolidated offer of Multichances FDJ

Super Loto du Patrimoine: play multiple grids, increase your chances of winning

If you want to increase your chances of winning the jackpot or one of the winnings in the various intermediate ranks of Super Loto, you have the option of play a multiple grid for this Heritage Super Loto. In this case, you can play up to 9 numbers or mark all 10 Chance numbers.

Be careful, though, because the price of the grids varies greatly depending on the number of numbers you mark. From €6 to €504, choose as many grids as you like to play up to 168 different combinations by marking 8 numbers + 3 Chance numbers or even 7 numbers + 8 numbers Chance number.

prize table for Loto multiple grids for Valentine's DayA multiple grid plays for Valentine's Loto

Comparison: what is the best way to play to win Super Loto?

If the different methods presented above offer you different possibilities of winning the Lotto from each other, it should be remembered that the chances of winning the Super Loto du Patrimoine jackpot remain slim, even when playing you have a multiple grid for 504€.

However, the chances of winning the jackpot or intermediate win will change according to the game modes used. Thus, we can make a classification of the most efficient methods from a mathematical point of view.

🏆 Multiple Grids: the most expensive solution is also the most effective in winning the Lotto:

The more different numbers you play, the greater your chance of finding winning numbers. Be careful, because of the prices of some large grids, you may want to consider playing more to collect the costs.

🥈 Playing in a group: quite economical, but a real source of potential luck:

The Multichances group game offer for this Super Loto will allow you to get many Super Loto tombola codes as well as 100 to 600 different game combinations (in the form of many multiple tables).

👎 The downside is that you have to split your winnings. Thus, it is impossible for you to become a millionaire with a group game offer, but you can win tens of thousands of euros. In 2020, a group of 108 players shared a jackpot of 8 million euros.

🥉 Play a simple grid: faster and simpler game modes:

You have a 1 in 19 million chance of finding the winning combination, but it will only cost you €3, the price of a dream.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions about Super Loto du Patrimoine

How long can we play for the Super Loto du Patrimoine?

You can play a grid for this Super Loto draw from Friday September 16, 2022 until 8:15 pm The simplest solution to mark your grid is to play directly online from the site. ▶ Play Loto grid online here

What is the price of a Super Loto du Patrimoine grid?

The price of a Super Loto grid starts at €3 for a single grid and can go up to €504 for a multiple grid. For every Super Loto grid you play for Heritage, part of your bet will be donated to the Heritage Foundation. In addition, with 50 guaranteed winners in the Super Loto raffle, you will receive a Loto code for every grid you validate.

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