“God save the King”, “I saw a king”, “We miss him” … The press around the world paid tribute to the Swiss

If the sports world woke up on Friday, September 16, with a hangover, it was because one of its best ambassadors decided to retire. The retirement of Roger Federer, a true legend among the greatest players in history, is not a big surprise, but his withdrawal from the courts has literally upset the planet of the game. From the sports press to the general media, everyone pays tribute to the “king”.

A week after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, The group pulled out the big game, with “God save the King“(“May God protect the King” in French) in One, and not less than 15 pages. For our colleague Romain Lefebvre, the man with 20 Grand Slam titles “will sit forever, next to Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Michael Schumacher or Pelé“.

The pantheon of history’s greatest players thus welcomes one with “re-inventing a sport that had been damaged, dancing on a court where he barely sweated, where airy beauty erased excess energy and physical fatigue. A sport that only he could practice like this.

Even in the general press, Roger Federer has an important place. “103 tracks and then go“head news release while Le Figaro made the event the main entry on his front page: “Roger Federer, the reference bowed“. Our colleague Jean-Julien Ezvan recalls that “tennis and the sports world has lost a gem“.

In the regional daily press, The Parisian title soberly in “The tennis legend bowed out“who and be”Until the King“because Provence. In a large black insert, we see a Roger Federer with a tight spot: “Game, set and end game“It’s like this Corse-Bunning reminding that Roger Federer will leave forever “An indelible mark“.

Finally, The Dispatch will return, and this is probably the most repeated in the press of the day, in “Federer, the retirement of a legend“.

All over the world, the press praised the departure of the former world number one. In Switzerland, not surprisingly, 20 minutes i want to say”Thanks, Roger!“. In England, where he still holds the record for Grand Slam titles at Wimbledon with eight crowns, despite the national mourning and this intense following the news, The Guardianput it in One with a traditional but as effective “Game, set and game.

The tennis artist announced his farewell“and”A genie hung up his racket“: in Spain, the days of Madrid and Catalan, BRAND and SPORTwho usually goes to war, agreed to admire the famous class of Roger Federer. La Vanguardia relief “the beautiful farewell of a tennis legend”, where’sEl Mundo Deportivo modest title “Federer legend”. In Europe, from Italy, where The Gazzetta dello Sport appeared thunder “I saw a king”through the Nordic countries or even Belgium (The night already aroused his regret by titling “We miss him”) and Germany: all together.

Finally, on the other side of the Atlantic, and despite the time difference, the New York Times has aired its front page on Friday, September 16. For the famous American daily, it is “sA sign that times are changing in tennis“. A reference especially to the fact that he is the first of the “Big Three”, which he formed with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, to retire while the new generation, marked by the arrival of Carlos Alcaraz , finally ready to start a new era with, and it is natural, to do without Roger Federer, the best artist.

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