Does a couple who are unemployed after being on the minimum wage earn more than a couple who are working on the minimum wage, as stated by the LCI? – Freedom

During a TV debate, a continuous news channel broadcast a false infographic comparing the income of a couple on the minimum wage, and unemployed couples after receiving the minimum wage. Contacted by “CheckNews”, LCI announced that a repair will be broadcast on air this Thursday evening.

“Let’s build truth in numbers.” Monday September 12 on the set of LCI, David Pujadas promised to settle the debate on whether allowances guarantee a better income than work. In this case, LCI wants to compare the level of benefits received by an unemployed couple after working at the minimum wage with the income received by a working couple and paid the minimum wage.

And according to computer graphics displayed on the screen, an unemployed couple with two small children, a rent of 1,300 euros and living in the Paris region receives more money per month than a married couple of minimum wage, with the same profile. In detail, the minimum wage couple will receive a monthly net salary of 2,658 euros and an activity bonus of 200 euros, or 2,858 euros in all. For their part, the job-seeking couple will receive, according to the LCI, 1,824 euros of unemployment benefits per month, 688 euros of RSA and 390 euros of APL, i.e. 2,902 euros in total, and therefore 44 euros more still an active couple. .

A “false visual”, according to Nupes deputy Hadrien Clouet, who Office has partneredon September 15, which seized Arcom (ex-CSA) together with MP Sarah Legrain. “Incompetence or violation of ethics? It doesn’t matter, the hatred of the poor, we don’t want it on our screens”he commented, echoing the growing anger since the beginning of the week, fueled by the sequence.

In fact, the LCI infographic is inaccurate, because it greatly increases the income of the unemployed couple by including the payment of 688 euros in RSA. As confirmed by the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf) contacted by CheckNews, the amount of unemployment benefits (ARE) received by the couple (twice 912 euros) does not allow them to receive RSA in addition. Under certain conditions, it is possible to combine ARE and RSA, but only if the amount of unemployment benefits is lower than the fixed amount of RSA (1,256.93 euros for a couple with two children).

In the end, many experts delivered simulations that led to the opposite result to that presented by LCI. According to Yann Gaudin, formerly of the Pôle emploi, who made a fictitious estimate on the site, “the minimum wage couple earns 3,158 euros per month [dont 500 euros de prime d’activité, ndlr], the 2 unemployed 1,914 euros per month“.

These are respectively 3,198 and 2,178 euros according to Jean-Christophe Sarrot, head of the job training department at ATD Fourth World, contacted by CheckNews, who went to the same simulator. A difference explained by the fact that it is difficult to determine the exact amount of social assistance that both couples can claim, many parameters are taken into account.

According to Jean-Christophe Sarrot, “The calculation of unemployment benefits and the activity bonus is designed to maintain a relatively high financial interest in work”. “If there is a message to send, it is to tell the smicards that they can earn an additional bonus in the activity because if they have dependent children, it can represent. several hundred euro per month”he pointed out.

Pôle emploi denied being the source of the misunderstanding

Contacted, the continuous news channel recognized a mistake and defended itself by admitting that it had been in contact, before the broadcast, with the Pôle emploi, “to ensure that a combination of RSA and unemployment benefits is possible in some cases”. “Pôle emploi has confirmed that this is the case of the couple [de] unemployed people you see in the infographic», said LCI. And to determine: “The only liberty we took was to set the rent at 1,300 euros.” The chain explains that it is considered that the unemployed couple can individually receive 1,256 euros, that is to say the RSA package that is actually provided for couples with two dependent children and therefore benefit from of 688 to complete the amounts collected under the ARE.

For its part, the operator publicly denied that he was the source of the misunderstanding: “LCI interviewed us to confirm the possibility of merging RSA and ARE. The particular situation discussed in the infographic is not discussed. Therefore Pôle emploi does not confirm the amount of RSA mentioned and furthermore it is not up to Pôle emploi to do so because it is calculated and paid by Cnaf.

Announced by LCI CheckNews that “clarification” will be featured in the show 24h Pujadas, Thursday night.

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