“You represent failure (…) Shut up!” : big fight between Cyril Hanouna and Gilles Verdez of TPMP about 6000€ aid received by a family

Gilles Verdez defends the family involved…

Despite everything, some people around the table did not hesitate to defend the family that was attacked here. Benjamin Castaldi further stated, “Pointing fingers at people who need help, I see it as anger“, as Guillaume Genton recalls, “You don’t know the life course of this family (…) Stop looking at life through your own prism. There are people who are not armed in the same way.“And on the side of Gilles Verdez? As usual, he indulged in a bombastic speech.

That is the France I love, the one that helps the poorhe exclaimed in front of the tired looks of his companions. This is an unusual family, with no resources. They are deserving people. There is an extraordinary amount because there is a back-to-school allowance that is not there every month. I find it good. Let’s help people. Cheers.

… and destroyed by Hanouna

A speech that contradicted the general opinion of the set that made Cyril Hanouna even more angry. Even as the host signed a huge new contract with the Canal group, the padel player told his columnist that he was a fool to think that way.

Gilles Verdez represents all that is left. It represents all the failures of the last 25 years. This is an old government policy that for years and years is destined to fail and Gilles Verdez represents this old Francemocked the presenter. This represents a spiral of failure.“Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he added:”If Gilles Verdez has good ideas for France, it will be known.

You are a myth

What convinced Gilles Verdez to keep quiet? No. Shocked to see his colleagues continue their criticism of the families affected by such allowances, the columnist exclaimed: “What I heard was terrible. Now you say “poor bastards”.” A comment that was received very coldly around the table, which greatly angered Hanouna: “Quiet. What you said is disgraceful. This is demagoguery. Harmful. You disappoint me more. You represent failure“.

Then, furious with Verdez, the host added: “Do you know why I’m angry? It’s people like you that make us where we are today. You don’t know how to make decisions. You talk nonsense, you want to please everyone and if you want to please everyone, you don’t want to please anyone. You don’t have any rules, you don’t know how to set a frame. You are playing the old politics that never worked. you are a myth.” Fortunately, Cyril Hanouna promised a good atmosphere on the set of TPMPwe dare not imagine what the debate would have looked like otherwise.

Cyril Hanouna, future president?

However, if it is too early to think about it, we will not be surprised to see him present himself as a serious candidate for the next presidential election. If the idea makes you smile (or horrify, it depends), his speech last night was very much like a politician.

I have viewers who say to me: ‘We wake up every day at 8 am, we go home at 8 pm. On the 15th of the month, we can’t eat, we can’t feed our children when we bleed everyday, we work’he explained. If we weren’t working, we wouldn’t be complaining, but we were working…“. Testimonies that would have given him some ideas, “Help should be given to those who work. These guys, it’s great to make an extension cord.

A very political speech, which on the other hand did not move Gilles Verdez very much. Far from bowing to the words of his colleagues, he remembers that it is necessary to stop living among clichés and a priori. “But they are not lazyhe breathed. There, you start with the principle that they are lazy. That they falsify their lives to benefit.

Not enough to change the mind of anyone on the set, which is the scene of a real dialogue with the deaf.

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