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The distribution group Fnac Darty published, on Tuesday September 13, the fifth after-sales service (SAV) barometer. For the second year in a row, most of the major brands of electronics and household appliances are listed and rated on two criteria: reliability and efficiency. To calculate these scores, the distribution group analyzed the after-sales service returns of several hundred thousand devices, counting only purchases made less than two years ago. has passed, which corresponds to the period of the legal warranty, during which the products of destruction have the best chance to pass. into the hands of its repairers.

This barometer lists more than 80 product categories, such as tablets or hair dryers. For each, several brands are ranked from best to least recommended.

The barometer also makes it possible to compare the durability of different product categories: scanners are less durable than laptop computers, very reliable and easy to repair according to Fnac Darty.

Sometimes reputations are damaged

Some cheap manufacturers are pleasantly surprised: according to Fnac Darty, Indesit washing machines rarely break down in their first two years, just like Brandt built-in ovens. But disappointments, more common, hit expensive or well-known brands.

According to Fnac Darty, multifunction printers from Espon suffer from poor reliability, as canister vacuum cleaners from Electrolux, dishwashers and built-in ovens from Samsung, as well as washing machines from AEG. On Epson printers and Brandt ovens at least, Fnac Darty’s ratings are consistent with those of the consumer association UFC – Que Choisir. On the other hand, AEG washing machines are better rated by Fnac than by UFC – Que Choisir, which ranks them on average.

What do we attribute this dissonance to? Perhaps in the method of gathering information. The UFC – Que Choisir is not based on workshop feedback but on e-mails sent to subscribers of several European consumer magazines, which have received thousands of responses.

This difference is probably also due to the time window of the question used by the association, considering washing machines that are more than fifteen years old, against only two years for the observations of Fnac Darty. Very short time in the eyes of Benjamin Douriez, former journalist of 60 million consumersespecially responsible for these questions: The main issue is what happens beyond five years. This is usually where wear and tear is visible “he judged. An interesting window though, although complementary, because it studies tools that have been sold recently, with a modern design, and did not stop 5, 10 or 15 years ago.

Dangerous repair

Fnac Darty’s after-sales service barometer shows again that Sonos soundbars are more difficult to repair, like Ultimate Ears bluetooth speakers, Xiaomi televisions, Dell screens and Moulinex microwaves. On the contrary, Apple products lead in all the repair rankings: computers, tablets, smartphones and headphones.

In the smartphone segment, according to Fnac Darty, Apple is the most recommended brand, a little ahead of Samsung, and far from Xiaomi, which nevertheless gets the right marks.

Here again, the notes of Fnac Darty fight with another source of information, the official repair index, which can be found on the labels of different product categories: Apple has obtained a passable official marks there. In fact, the calculation methods of these two indices are different. The official index is theoretical, checked before the sale based on several criteria, such as the availability of spare parts and the presence of a repair guide. The Fnac Darty index is more concrete, calculated based on the return of service after the sale: it compares the number of times the device is repaired with the cases where it must be scrapped and replaced, or returned.

In addition, in the washing machine department, the Fnac Darty barometer was able to validate the interest in the official repair repair index: the more it falls, the more the after-sales service is forced to replace the device rather than repair it. . The exchange rate ranges from 12% if the machine gets an official index of 8/10, up to 20% if this index falls to 6/10.

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Devices to avoid?

The after-sales service barometer finally warns about the reliability of five product categories in particular: classic coffee makers, grinder espresso machines, stick vacuum cleaners, robot vacuum cleaners, and especially electric scooters. For most of the brands in these five categories, their annual failure rate fluctuates between 5 and 15%, according to information communicated by world said Fnac Darty. These are dangerous and environmentally unfriendly purchases.

In addition to these findings, Fnac Darty conducted a study on the consumption habits of its customers, carried out by email, in which 10,000 people participated. Noteworthy fact: 30% of respondents said they did not maintain their appliance, this number increased to 38% for washing machines. According to the group, one of the two breakdowns can be avoided with regular maintenance or use according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consumers often don’t know, for example, that their scooter is rainproof, or that their grinder espresso machine needs to be descaled regularly.

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