tonight’s results and wins in detail

A new Wednesday and a new Loto du Patrimoine draw will put 6 million euros in play today. Results will be available from 8:50 pm while you can play your grids until 8:15 pm. Again, part of your stakes made today will go into the coffers of the Heritage Foundation. Just a few days away from the Super Loto du Patrimoine, do you have a chance to hit this important jackjar ?

Update 09/14/22 at 8:54 pm: 10 winners have just won €20,000 in the draw

There was no millionaire on Wednesday night’s draw but many players won prizes. In this, the Loto raffle again produced ten big winners who each won the amount of €20,000 thanks to their Loto odds (don’t forget to check them). In addition to these winners, the number of winning grids is very large, you may have won an intermediate profit. The next draw will put 13 million euros into the Super Loto du Patrimoine game.

As of Monday, more than 500,000 grids were winners everywhere in France, but no one became a millionaire. Among tonight’s big winners, we can mention one player who, luckier than others, pocketed a tidy sum of €160,854. Also, two players playing for the 2nd draw option also won significant prizes, sharing the additional prize pool and pocketing €52,772.

Today, there is still time to lower this kitty that will rise from 5 million euros on Monday night to 6 million euros for this draw on Wednesday September 14, 2022. On this day, you can mark your numbers to 8:15 pm online or at a point of sale.

Play a Loto FDJ grid before 8:15 pm and hit the jackpot

To participate in this new Loto du Patrimoine draw, several solutions are available to you. The best known is to go to a cigar and play by filling out a classic Loto game slip. The safest and most appropriate is to play directly online from the Française des jeux website. For the second option, here are the steps to complete quickly now is your Loto game grid for Wednesday, September 14.

Learn how to play a Loto grid today

📲MeRegister for free on the website in minutes if you haven’t already. To play Loto online, you must be of legal age (18 years) and live in mainland France or abroad.

🎱Choose your favorite numbers (5 numbers and 1 Chance number) to be a simple Loto grid. You also have the chance to play the 2nd draw option for an additional €0.80.

💶Pay your grid in seconds with your bank card. The amount of the minimum deposit is set at 5 €, all remaining credit will remain in your player account and can be used later, either for Loto or any FDJ game.

Friday September 16, 2022 €13,000,000 DAY time min tremor To play

Loto draw results on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 online from 8:50 pm

Will the Loto draw make a big millionaire this Wednesday, September 14? It is impossible to say when we wrote these few lines. The results of this draw will be broadcast free of charge and in full from 8:50 pm, including the two winning combinations (a profit of 6 million euros is at stake for the main draw and the additional a profit of €100,000 is in play for the 2nd Lotto draw).

In addition to the two winning combinations, ten players will receive €20,000 during the Loto raffle draw, ie €200,000 profit that players must win on Wednesday night. Finally, the earnings report will be published to announce whether a chance has hit one or more French players.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about Loto FDJ

How much is the Loto jackpot up for grabs on Wednesday, September 14?

The Loto jackpot is worth 6 million euros on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 and follows four consecutive draws without a big winner.

How to play Loto grid today?

To play Loto grid this Wednesday night, you can tick 5 numbers and 1 Chance number until 8:15 pm. To do this, register on the website. ▶ Play Loto grid online here

When will the Loto draw results be available tonight?

The result of this Loto draw will be posted online starting at 8:50 pm this Wednesday evening. All the winning numbers, the ten Loto codes obtained and the winnings report can be obtained from 8:50 pm

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