The tariff shield, energy assessment, aid for fuel oil … Measures to “protect the French” determined by the Minister of Public Accounts

“The compass is that we will continue to protect the French”, assures Thursday, September 15 of franceinfo Gabriel Attal. The Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts came to explain the announcements made on Wednesday by the Prime Minister on energy prices and while inflation should reach 4.2% in 2023. “We will pass the peak in 2023 and inflation will decrease”, estimated by Gabriel Attal based on “the consensus on global forecasts”. The Minister reminds, however, that “uncertainty weight”. “He there are geopolitical uncertainties”he said, especially the war in Ukraine.

Regarding the tariff shield that will make it possible to limit the increase in the price of gas and electricity to 15% in 2023, Gabriel Attal ensured that it will remain in place. “as long as the situation is” while claiming to be unable to “to say what the situation will be in the middle of 2023”.

“If we do nothing, the French will see their electricity and gas bills rise by 120%. Look at Germany, where gas electricity bills have almost tripled this year.”

In addition, 12 million of the most modest households will receive “at the end of the year” a new energy check of 100 to 200 euros. “Let’s explain things in a more comprehensible way for everyone and pass the scales”, promised the Minister Delegate. These steps “based on income decile”to consider “the reference tax income and the number of children”.For example, a couple who earn 3,000 euros net together and have two children benefit from the aid”, details Gabriel Attal.

Even the most modest French who heat the fuel oil can also gather extra help to fill their tank. The government “work” of a check “from 100 to 200 euros” he, too, assured the Minister Delegate. This assistance will be paid “from the month of November”. The executive still needs to determine how he intends to support the French who are warming themselves in wood.

Gabriel Attal promised that the tariff shield is “refined” for people living in public housing, where the device is not yet concerned about electricity in common areas, and the “2% of tenants heat themselves with electricity”.

“Obviously, people who live in public housing will be affected by the gas and electricity tariff shield. There’s no doubt about it.”

Gabriel Attal

at franceinfo

According to the minister, “Suppliers sent provisional invoices to the trustees before we announced the tariff shield”.

The Delegate of the Minister in charge of Public Accounts also determines the measures for companies: “Very small businesses, with a turnover of less than 2 million euros and with as few as 10 employees, have a tariff shield.” For slightly larger companies “that allocate more than 3% of their turnover to their electricity or gas”extraordinary aid of up to 2 million euros can be given to them. “We simplify the rules” for this help that already exists in 2022, Gabriel Attal assured.

Finally, companies whose primary production relies on high energy consumption, “such as the glassware or aluminum sector”, help too “simplified”, he assured and could go “up to 50 million euros”. The goal is prevention “that the companies cease their activity”.

Regarding the local authorities, Gabriel Attal ensured that “30,000 out of 36,000 municipalities benefit from the tariff shield”. The 6,000 largest towns in France will benefit from this“an aid covering up to 70% of the increase in energy costs” thanks for “a safety net of 430 million euros voted this summer”.

While some elected officials threatened not to pay the bills, the minister clarified that the government still needs to pay “to announce” the device was unveiled on Wednesday. However, he cautioned “that the State cannot support all the bills of all the local authorities”. “It takes effort, we all strive, concluded by Gabriel Attal.

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