God of War Ragnarök PS5: after the trailer, back to the theories that set the Internet on fire

Game News God of War Ragnarök PS5: after the trailer, back to the theories that set the Internet on fire

Let’s be frank, although State of Play is interesting to follow thanks to its muscular presentations, it would not have the same impact without the big final surprise. We are not talking about DualSense in the colors of God of War, but in the new trailer for the title designed by SIE Santa Monica Studio. The video, impressively, reveals many details that could give some clues to the epic of Kratos and Atreus. Here they are recorded in our article.

Atreus and Odin, holding hands?

The God of War Ragnarök trailer begins with young Atreus explaining the importance of keeping secrets to protect those we love. Under his hand resting on the tree trunk, a light appeared. But what are the secrets that Kratos’ son does not want to reveal? A pact with Odin, perhaps. In any case, this is the direction that some theories that can be read on the Web go. Net investigators are actually convinced that something happened between the main God of Norse mythology and the boy, an impression reinforced by the fact that only Atreus opened the door to Odin, in trailer released during State of Play. The fact that the God is presented on the screen similar to Kratos in the 2018 version suggests that Odin shows himself to Atreus as a father, or at least an ally. In fact, in Norse mythology, Loki (Atreus) was welcomed into Odin’s divine pantheon, so an understanding between the two is likely.

Thor during the intro fight, Midgard’s house is destroyed

In another sequence of the video, we see Kratos remove all his weapons. But he was not at home in Midgard. His home may have been destroyed by Thor, leaving the god-slayer without refuge. The dark outlook of the hero during this passage suggests that a terrible event has occurred (Tyr’s death? De Freya? Atreus’ loss?). At the end of the trailer, we see Kratos take down Thor. Contrary to what the video suggests, this is a fight that takes place at the very beginning of the adventure. By paying attention to the details, we know that in this fight, Kratos has the old Bifröst. His old shield is also there. So it may be that during this confrontation, the slayer of the gods will lose his Bifröst. In the sequence where Kratos frees Tyr (Odin’s son), we see a new Bifröst that will allow the hero to reach the kingdom even if Odin makes access impossible thanks to his magic.

The truth is in the paintings

More murals can be seen in this trailer. The first symbolizes Ragnarök, with the soldiers wearing the symbols of Jotunheim, Midgard and Muspelheim on their shields. The second represents the World Tree barred Jotunheim, the territory of Odin. We notice Tyr imprisoned, then flees with two wolves. Odin’s son will also be an ally, the trailer showing a handshake between the two protagonists, and various sequences where they work together. The trailer leaves little doubt about the presence of Sköl and Hati, as they appear in the video. In the trailer, Kratos explains “do what is required, not what is written. This time we see Atreus shooting an arrow that separates the moon from the sun, an arrow that Sköl is chasing. Through this action, he begins Ragnarök, which is the end of the world that includes a frozen winter and various disastrous events.

God of War Ragnarök PS5: after the trailer, back to the theories that set the Internet on fire

Vanaheim, Ginnungagap, World Tree and Alfheim in the game?

At one point in the trailer, Kratos battles valkyries in what appears to be the Ginnungagap, a cosmic chasm that existed before creation, according to Norse mythology. Some snippets show that Kratos can travel to Vanaheim. Alfheim can also be a place to visit, because we can clearly recognize the famous light in the sky, symbol of the place. Another sequence reveals a tree in a snowy universe. On the branches of the latter, we see the bright crows. Some fans believe that this is the top of the World Tree, and that we should visit the place where Odin hanged himself to gain more knowledge.. Should Kratos do the same? In any case, this is the theory expressed by some Internet enthusiasts.

God of War Ragnarök PS5: after the trailer, back to the theories that set the Internet on fireGod of War Ragnarök PS5: after the trailer, back to the theories that set the Internet on fire

According to Sony’s Game Art Director Raf Grassetti, “the best thing about this story is that we haven’t seen it before“. We will have to wait until November 9, 2022 for the Santa Monica game to reveal all its secrets to us.

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