CONFIRMATION. “At 21, I am the parent of a 15-year-old girl”

Sharing her story on social media, Hunter expressed her fears about her youth, lamenting that no one took her seriously as a parent. Because at 21, the young woman has a 15-year-old daughter to support.

A very surprising story that Hunter, a young American, talked about in his social networks. In a video that quickly went viral on TikTok, the young woman revealed her doubts, fearing that adults will not take her role as a parent seriously.

At just 21 years old, Hunter presented herself as the mother of a 15-year-old teenager, waiting in front of her high school, in the car, for her to leave her classes, to be with her home. …

Six years difference from his daughter

Posted in 2021 on TikTok, the video that has since been viewed more than 8 million times, Hunter appeared there expressing his concerns about his new role as a parent, showing his gap of the age of the child he cares for. , which did not fail to leave its subscribers confused. ” I was driving down the road and realized I was 21 and had a 15 year old daughter he noted, adding ” No other parent or staff at their school would take me seriously. “. Hunter then explained ” I already feel people asking me what class I am when I go to his events… and said ” How can I teach him to drive when I can barely get on the road? “.

A double loss

Upon discovering Hunter’s video, many wondered about her true relationship with the teenager she claimed to be the parent of, calculating that if she was indeed her mother, she was only 6 years old at the time of her birth. ” Were you 6 when you gave birth? »Noticed, startled, one first person while the other noted” So you had it at age 6? I’m so confused! “. To clear up any misunderstandings, Hunter then posted a second video explaining the situation.” Many people in my comments wanted to know how I had a baby at the age of 6 he wrote. ” I will answer you and the answer is simple: Not yet have a child of 6 years old he continued. He then elaborated: I just asked for guardianship of my sister because in 2015 our father and his mother died a few months ago “. Hunter added ” I thought the best way to keep my sister safe, happy, and all her needs and wants met was to move to another state and live with me. “.

Give safety and love

Continuing his story, Hunter returns to his personal situation. ” I’m 21 years old, me full time student and I also work full time. But I always put Gracie first he confessed. ” Like now. I sit in my car when all my friends are together, because he is training and I don’t want to leave him, which I am very happy to do. he commented again, stressing that seeing Gracie smile as he left high school was his greatest reward. Sharing his experience as a teacher at such a young age on social media seemed interesting to Hunter. ” I’m glad he lives with me and is safe he confirmed.

Encourage and help others

Among the many questions raised by this law, Hunter chose to answer one about the legality of this request ” Yes, it is 100% legal. In North Carolina, at the age of 21, I filed for guardianship and got it in court he revealed while adding that it is difficult to become a tutor at the age of 21. ” Some people don’t take me seriously. I am a 21 year old raising a 15 year old daughter and graduated high school just three years ago. he declared. However, he hopes that the public testimony will encourage and help others in similar situations. ” Many people who comment or subscribe are also raising teenagers or young children said Hunter. ” I thought so It’s really interesting to see other people going through the same situations… it’s so hard to raise a 15 year old to 21 so you can laugh all about it or something. “.

congratulations and respect

Thousands of people have actually commented on her videos, many congratulating her for taking on such a huge responsibility at such a young age. ” You are a gift to this earth. A beautiful soul » marks the first person while the second is added « What you are doing with your sister is amazing and I have nothing but respect for you “. One teacher concluded: You’d be surprised, I have a few students whose siblings have guardianship and they are the best parents “.

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