Charles III: official poet, salary… here are the unique advantages of the new king!

End of an era. On Thursday September 8, Queen Elizabeth II of England died at the age of 96. And this, after all ruled for more than 70 years. His son, Charles Mountbatten, or Charles III, succeeded him in the throne. The 73-year-old monarch was proclaimed king on Saturday September 10 at a meeting of the Succession Council in London, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace… In accordance with protocol, the mourning of the royal family lasts up to seven days after the funeral of Elizabeth II. His funeral will take place at the end of the year, around December 19. On Thursday night after the fact, the future sovereign published the first statement in which he expressed his sadness in ” a moment of great sorrow “. Of course, this new monarch also inherited some benefits. We tell you everything!

Queen Elizabeth II: global mourning

We deeply mourn the loss of a beloved sovereign and a beloved mother. I know his loss will be deeply felt throughout the nation, kingdom and commonwealth, and by countless people around the world. “, declared the future sovereign named Charles III.

He went on to say, ” […] In this time of grief and change, my family and I will be comforted and supported by knowing the respect and deep affection in which the Queen is widely held. “. Pain is now mixed with a sense of duty. In effect, the queen’s son became the king the second the Queen of England breathed her last.

Prince Charles’ new role

The Prince of Wales now takes the title of Charles Ill. Therefore, it is necessary to address him, or refer to him, through the predicate “His/Your Highness”. However, a coronation does not seem to be on the agenda: ” The following months and weeks will be devoted to Elizabeth II and several weeks or months may pass before Charles II is crowned. “Notes of our colleagues from FranceInfo. In accordance with the tradition of the millennium, the king will be crowned in Westminster Abbey in London. And this, by the Bishop of Canterbury.

Meanwhile, a first step was taken on Saturday 10, with the proclamation of King Charles Ill. The Accession Council, consists of some members of the Royal Family, the Prime Minister and several Ministers of State. As well as the two archbishops of the Church of England, the lord mayor of the City, and about seven hundred members of the “privy council” of the monarch, met in St. James’s Palace in London. The proclamation was then read outside the Palace, then at the Royal Exchange, a building in the City. King Charles III’s wife, Camilla, was also appointed queen consort. The flags, at half mast for the queen’s mourning, therefore reassembled for the time being, on top of the mast. Which means that the country has a new ruler.

The new benefits of King Charles III

Two anniversaries of Charles III

Because of the anniversary of the new monarch November 14, 1948, it seems very likely that he will celebrate his birthday twice. The first time was the day of his birth but another time on a day when the weather allows for many festivities and official celebrations.

An amazing salary

The Sovereign of the United Kingdom, Charles III, benefits from an annual allowance, called a “sovereign grant”, paid out of the public treasury. It was founded on 15% of the income from the crown legacy. on 2021-2022, thus it reached 86.3 million pounds (almost 100,000 million euros at the current rate). This allowance is used by the monarch to cover expenses related to the obligations of the royal family (staff salaries, palace maintenance, official travel and receptions, etc.). The new sovereign also inherited the Duchy of Lancaster, property of the royal family for centuries, and which generate 24 million pounds per year, specially intended for the king.

A cash machine

The royal family doesn’t have to go back and forth to the bank for their money. In fact, according to RTL, they benefit from a money machine at Buckingham Palace.

There was no vote for Charles III

There is one strict political neutrality for members of the royal family. In fact, the sovereign Charles III did not have the right to vote like other people. And this, explained in the British parliamentary monarchical system.

No license or passport

Charles III didn’t need it not a passport or driver’s license to move. In fact, wherever he goes, he does not need anything.

A “troubadour” for Charles III

Every 10 years, there is a chance to become an artist appointed “sovereign poet”. Therefore, he should honor the task of writing verses of poems for any celebratory occasion such as jubilee or anniversary. The last one, appointed in 2019, is called Simon Armitage and benefits from a generous cask of sherry in gratitude for his service.

An excess of family wealth

As heir to the throne, Charles III also inherited the royal wealth from his deceased mother. According to a British newspaper called the Sunday Times, the queen, in 2022, has a personal fortune of almost 413 million euros. So everything that Queen Elizabeth II owned would go to King Charles III.

The “King of the Dolphins”

Swans, sturgeons and dolphins, for several centuries was owned by the monarch therefore Charles III. The law dates back to 1324. Every year, animals form symbolic creatures and are counted in the Thames. And this, to preserve them.

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