Top 10 great achievements inspired by French works, and we didn’t know

The French are not the best at saying the word “by” and responding politely to people asking for directions, but France shines internationally in many other areas. As Naps put it so well Organized Gang“we walk artfully” and that is why our films, our novels and our video games have inspired the greatest achievements in the world.

1. “Games of Thrones” is inspired by the literary saga “The Accursed Kings”

Between 1955 and 1977, different volumes of the novel series Les Rois maudits by the French writer Maurice Druon were published. These historical novels tell the stories of the rivalry for the throne of France in the 14th century with charming characters, family stories and betrayals. George RR Martin himself explained in an interview that Maurice Druon was his hero and that The cursed kings is the origin of Game of Thrones.

2. The novels of Zola and Balzac were the source of inspiration for writing the series “The Wire”

When journalists called his work Dickensian, the creator of the series The wire, David Simon, rejected this comparison. According to him, this structure of the narrative and the way of describing the social classes are rather inspired by the novels of Zola or Balzac; authors he greatly admired.

3. Walt Disney was inspired by Gustave Doré’s illustrations to create the forest in “Snow White”

Gustave Doré is one of the most famous illustrators in the world; he described; this 19th century painter illustrated almost every classic of Western literature. At the age of 23, he made 75 engravings for hell by Dante including scenes of the forest where the spirits live and the Harpies joining the trees. Returning from Europe with illustrated works, Walt Disney discovered these images and was inspired by them to imagine the anthropomorphic forest of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

4. The first “Alone in the dark” game inspired the “Resident Evil” saga

Shinji Mikami, the creator of the game saga Resident Evilexplained that if Alone in the Dark never existed, Resident Evil has nothing to do with what it is today. A pioneer of 3D video games, the French cult game Frédérick Raynal released in 1992 allowed the creation of hundreds of games inspired by it.

5. Ridley Scott was inspired by a French comic to write “Blade Runner” and “Prometheus”

Mœbius, whose real name is Jean Giraud, is a great French comic author who has inspired many artists around the world through his work. When the comic book magazine Screaming metal exported to the United States, Ridley Scott discovered Mœbius’s work and was partly inspired by his book The Long Tomorrow to realize blade runner and Prometheus.

6. Tarantino’s ‘Kill Bill’ tells the same story as Truffaut’s ‘The Bride Wore Black’

Quentin Tarantino has never hidden the fact that he takes inspiration from classic stories, or not so classic ones, to write his screenplays. For the movie Kill BillTarantino was heavily influenced by The bride is black, by Francois Truffaut. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s the story of a woman whose husband was murdered in front of her eyes on her wedding day and who decides to find the killers for revenge. Don’t ring a bell…

7. The movie “The King and the Bird” inspired Brad Bird and Miyazaki

The King and the Bird not the most popular cartoon among the general public, but it has inspired many animation film professionals. This French film by Paul Grimault is one of Miyazaki’s favorites, who pays homage to the giant automaton of The castle in Heaven.

The King and the Bird also inspired another genius filmmaker: Brad Bird (the creator of Ratatouille and The Incredibles). He also paid homage to the automaton in his animated film The Iron Giant.

8. The universe of “Fallout” was conceived after “The City of Lost Children”

Jean-Pierre Jeunet has always been a UFO in French cinema and that’s what Americans want. With Marc Caro, he came out in 1995 The City of Lost Children and the atmosphere of the film greatly inspires the creators of FALL ; we can see there the futuristic universe and even the armor of the bad guys. How can we confirm that there is a relationship between the two works? Just listen to the voice of the narrator from the intro videos of any episode of FALL : this is that of Ron Perlman, the main actor of the film.

9. George Lucas was inspired by “Valerian” for “Star Wars”

The director of Star Wars never talked about it but his saga in the movie has a lot of similarities to the saga in the comics Valerian, agent of space-time. The French cartoonist, Jean-Claude Mézières, revealed in an interview that he tried to contact George Lucas to discuss it but the latter never responded.

10. “Finding Nemo” is an obvious plagiarism of “Pierrot the Clownfish”

In 1995, Franck Le Calvez submitted to SACD the script for Pierrot is the clown fish, a children’s book released in 2002. It is the story of a little clownfish who loses his father, is eaten by a lionfish, then separated from his mother, whom he eventually finds. at work. Does that remind you of something? Amazing. Franck le Calvez attacked Pixar when the film was released Nemo’s world by calling for a ban on the distribution of products derived from the film. Unfortunately for him, Pixar denied the film’s plagiarism and Pierrot is the clown fish remain forever unknown to all.

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