the underside of influencers reveals the shocks of Internet users

In an episode of Complément d’Enquête, influencer salaries and product placement practices are explained.

Broadcast it Sunday, September 11, 2022 end of France 2, this last episode of the Complément d’Enquête took the web by storm. A real buzz in France. Dedicated to influencersespecially on reality TV, this reportage sheds light on this environment, on the questionable practices of some product placement, but also how these influencers can get rich.

The backstage of agencies for influencers is also open to everyone. Images and words that made a real boom this Sunday. Zoom in on what surprises Internet users, in this article.

Influencer Milla claims to be a “millionaire” in the Complementary investigation

“Months ago, we could earn 15,000 euros, others 60,000said Milla Jasmine, influencer and reality TV candidate, in this surprising report by Further investigation. Milla, influencer whose career is managed by the agency Shauna Events (Magali Berdah’s agency), claims that today millionaire. Stories throughout the day, paid product placements (about 3000 euros, in Milla’s case, per sponsored story)… Milla earns a lot of money by persuading his fans and followers to buy sponsored brands. Brands selected and offered by his agent, Magali Berdah.

Milla promotes a fake brand

In this report, the questionable product placements is also put forward and, moreover, the main subject of the investigation at the end. In the doc, we learn especially that Milla is already promoting dropshipping websites and sites that offer counterfeit products. The influencer does not seem to know that he was previously promoting the counterfeit brands. According to him, his agent Magali Berdah is the one who gives him the product placements to be done, without further explanation of the products in question. You just need to promote them.

Further investigation: Did Magali Berdah make a mistake?

According to Magali Berdah, it was a mistake, a lack of vigilance on their part. However, he admitted that 5% of his turnover from product placements for dropchipping. Remember that dropshipping is not particularly illegal, compared to counterfeiting. However, the practice can be compared to a type of fraud. Usually the dropshipping based on the fact of selling more expensive products bought on Chinese sites, where the products are less expensive. Further investigation clarified this in its report

Here is a summary of the elements created controversy in this report in Further investigation:

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Further investigation: influencer agent Magali Berdah is accused of defrauding users

As a reminder, Magali Berdah (CEO of the agency Shauna Events who discussed the careers of some influencers) was accused of several failures after the report. The Complément d’Enquête accused him, among other things, of promoting aesthetic drugs, promoting dropshipping brands, promoting fake brands. But also, to improve the welfare of Branding of its influencers before the well-being of the person behind the influencer.

In the Complément d’Enquête report, he was accused of asking an influencer to keep quiet after a sexual assault that he will suffer from another influencer. Is it true or not? Nobody knows now. The rapper Booba also filed a complaint against Magali Berdah (and harassed her) for the scam. He says, for example, that he promotes dubious brands, includingCPF scam.

Asked about Milla’s case, Magali Berdah cut the interview short to Further investigation, exceeded. He explained this episode:

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Watch the full Influencers Survey report in the video

Are you looking for the Complément d’Enquête report on influencers? Broadcast on September 11, 2022, here it is on Youtube. Apparently the replay can also be seen in Salto.

NB: Thank you for being respectful to all the people in this survey. The harassment that Magali Berdah is currently going through is completely justified.

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