the Queen’s coffin has arrived at Westminster Hall

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6:45 in the evening : The public has begun to gather in front of the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in London, in the oldest chamber of the Parliament of Westminster, which will remain open until the funeral on Monday. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected, but the waiting time is estimated at ten hours in a line that can reach up to 16 kilometers.


6:00 p.m : It’s 6 p.m., let’s rewind this Wednesday afternoon’s news:

• Increase in the tariff shield, new energy assessment, aid to businesses… We summarize what you should remember from the government’s announcements on the energy situation in France.

• Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin was moved to Westminster Hall in the afternoon. The public will be able to pay tribute to the sovereign there until Monday, the day of his funeral.

• The Blues are trying to secure their place in the semi-finals of Euro basketball. They are playing in Italy today. You can follow the quarter-final with us live.

• The video surveillance images of the attack in Nice will be viewed tomorrow morning, during a new day of hearing the attempted terrorist attack, announced the president of the special assize court.

4:28 pm : The religious ceremony presided over by the Archbishop of Canterbury has just ended at Westminster Hall. King Charles III and the rest of the royal family left the building, where Elizabeth II’s coffin will be on display until Monday.


5:19 pm : Queen Elizabeth’s coffin has just arrived at Westminster Hall, where the public can gather until her funeral on Monday. Access is open to the public from 5pm local time (6pm in France).


3:47 in the afternoon : The procession of Elizabeth II’s coffin has just started in London. The members of the royal family followed the coffin, which was wrapped in the royal standard. The procession took exactly 38 minutes to reach Westminster Hall.


3:16 p.m : Waiting at Buckingham Palace before the Royal Family lead a procession in the Queen’s coffin to Westminster Hall, where she will lie in state until Monday’s funeral.

3:15 in the afternoon : The procession of Elizabeth II’s coffin, which must reach Westminster Hall from Buckingham Palace, will start in less than 10 minutes. Ten thousand people gathered in the Mall, in front of the royal palace.

2:12 p.m : It’s 2pm, here are the top headlines:

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has proposed capping windfall profits for energy companies. At 3:30 pm, Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will speak about the energy crisis.

• A procession to take the Queen’s coffin to Westminster will leave Buckingham Palace at 3:22 pm (French time). The casket will enter Westminster at 4pm. Follow our live.

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ordered France to re-examine requests for the repatriation of The French are being held in jihadist prison camps in Syria.

The progress of the fire in Saumos (Gironde) has slowed down, according to the sub-prefect. The fire has already destroyed 3,650 hectares of crops.

1:58 pm : Like the other three children of the Queen, Andrew will be in the royal funeral procession this afternoon. But the presence of the prince, who has been accused of sexual assault, has been widely criticized.

1:11 pm : Air traffic will be restricted in London this afternoon from 1:50 pm (local time), to ensure silence in the center of the British capital during the procession accompanying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II. And other traffic disruptions have been announced for the funeral next Monday.

11:56 : Six hours before the London public could enter Westminster Hall, inside the British Parliament, to see the coffin of Elizabeth II, the crowd was already waiting on the banks of the Thames.

(George Cracknell Wright/LNP/Shut / KICK)

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